1. Gaming

    Review: Live Your Robot Apocalypse Fantasies While Getting in Shape With Battlesuit Runner App

    I'm pretty unmotivated when it comes to exercise, but I would like to be ready for an alien invasion or the rise of the machines. That's why I love the Battlesuit Runner app. It simulates a sci-fi robot/alien attack story to gamify your workout. It's more fun to run when you think you're going to get torn apart by robots if you don't.

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  2. Weird

    If You Try To Touch Your Toes Every Day, Eventually You Will Touch Your Toes [Video]

    Jason Barron is a web designer in Salt Lake City who decided to take the Giveit100 challenge, which is a campaign dedicated to instill in people the value of practice and repetition by inspiring them to try the same thing for 100 days in a row. The man's goal was simple: he just wanted to touch his toes for once in his life.

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  3. Entertainment

    Watch Our Own Ian Chant on HuffPost Live Today at 4:00PM EDT!

    Last month our Senior Editor Ian Chant wrote about a pill that simulates exercise, and why it's a great excuse for him to not go to the gym. Today at 4:00PM EDT he'll be discussing that pill on HuffPost Live, and we have the live stream for you right here.

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  4. Science

    No, I Don’t Even Lift, Because Science Has Finally Created a Pill That Can Simulate Exercise

    Going to the gym is a great idea in theory. Once you get there, though, I think we can all agree that it almost always seems like a terrible idea. A terrible idea full of grunting and being sore where all of the things around you are covered in a fine sheen of other peoples' sweat. Luckily, researchers may have made a breakthrough that could finally release humanity from the curse of going to the gym without dooming them to life as a grotesque shut-in -- a pill that simulates some of the effects of physical exercise. In case there was any doubt, yes, we live in the future now.

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  5. Weird

    This Mouse Will Make You Question Everything You Know About Exercise Wheels [Video]

    Initially, it appears that this mouse doesn't really get exercise wheels. On further review, though, it might just be that the little guy is thinking outside the box and trying to offer a new take on what the exercise wheel can be. You're doing it wrong, little buddy, but you're doing it wrong with a lot of heart, and sometimes, I like to think that's what really matters.

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  6. Science

    Called It: Too Much Running Is Bad For Your Health

    Running makes for great exercise and keeps your heart healthy, but overdoing it by running more than an hour per day, or running multiple marathons, can actually shorten your life, according to a recent editorial in the journal Heart. As someone who feels that running is a very good thing to do if you are being chased -- by a mob of villagers with pitchforks, for example, or an angry bear -- and a very silly thing to do pretty much any other time, I'm going to abstain from the customary victory lap and just sit back feeling pretty vindicated right now.

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  7. Science

    Serious Science: Helmets Prevent Injuries, Exercise Can Help Sustain Weight Loss

    In case you weren't aware, bicycle helmets can prevent fatal injuries and diet and exercise can sustain weight loss. This is what two separate studies have concluded. Let me repeat: Two distinct scientific studies determined that bicycle helmets can prevent fatal injuries and diet and exercise can sustain weight loss. This is something someone decided needed careful examination, because it's not like there are fatal diseases out there.

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  8. Weird

    The Shake Weight is Dead, Long Live the Free Flexor

    Just when the Internet was able to get images of popular workout device the Shake Weight out of its collective head, the Free Flexor arrives to resume the innuendo-drenched assault on your sensibilities. Using something called "circular strength technology" the large, red spheres of the Free Flexor apparently makes your muscles contract a whole lot. Which I guess is helpful. There is every possibility that this is fake -- the website looks shifty enough to go either way -- but the video for the product will not leave you wanting. Except possibly wanting a cigarette. Or a shower. Or to throw your computer out the window. Read on below!

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  9. Science

    Build Muscle By Drinking Chocolate Milkshakes and Why It Makes Sense

    Sick of drinking flavored water after a long, arduous workout? Two new studies from the University of Texas at Austin show that you can now ditch hilariously-endorsed drinks for one that both seems unhealthy and uncomfortably sloshes around in your stomach. Dr. John Ivy and his team of researchers compared the recovery benefits of drinking a typical carbohydrate beverage with similar calories and ingredients to a sports drink, a low-fat chocolate milkshake, and a calorie-free drink after an exercise session, and found that the athletes who drank the chocolate milkshakes had more endurance and power during their exercise. Move over Twinkie diet, here comes a new challenger.

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