1. Science

    No. Bison Leaving Yellowstone National Park Doesn’t Mean a Volcano Is About To Erupt

    "American Bison" is the top trending topic on my Facebook feed right now. I wondered why, so I clicked to find post after post from local news affiliates and pseudoscientific Facebook Pages sharing this video of bison "fleeing" Yellowstone National Park with warnings of an impending super volcano. The real reason is a lot simpler.

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  2. Tech

    Food Delivery Company Eat24 Quits Facebook With Crazy Breakup Letter, Because It’s Been Lying to Them

    Facebook is free and always will be, but the reach it offers to businesses for free has been dwindling. As Facebook's algorithm for what shows up in a user's newsfeed changes, businesses are seeing that their posts reach far fewer users. Eat24 decided they'd had enough, and they deleted their account with a lengthy breakup letter.

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  3. Tech

    Kickstarter Backers Are Mad at Oculus Over Facebook Deal, But Maybe Everyone Should Just Chill Out

    Man, people are really upset over the whole Oculus Rift/Facebook deal, and perhaps most understandably, their backers on Kickstarter are feeling the most betrayed. Still, maybe we should all pause for a moment of sanity before making any Vines of throwing a Rift in the garbage.

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  4. Gaming

    So It Begins: Minecraft Developer Kills Plans for Oculus Rift Integration Because of Facebook

    Amidst the obligatory Twitter jokes about Facebook buying VR system Oculus Rift for $2 billion dollars were some legitimate concerns: how will this acquisition change the flow of progress for the Oculus itself? Well, it means we won't officially get to kill creepers and farm for gold in virtual reality anytime soon.

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  5. Tech

    Celebrate the Facebook Oculus Rift Deal with the White Guys Wearin’ Oculus Rift Tumblr

    Facebook just bought virtual reality company Oculus Rift for two billion dollars. That's billions. With a B. You can listen to more of the details on their investor call today at 6:15PM EDT which is in just a few minutes, but until then you can check out the White Guys Wearin' Oculus Rifts Tumblr to celebrate.

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  6. Tech

    Facebook’s Automatic Tagging Software Has Near-Human Facial Recognition

    Bad news for those of us who strategically choose which images of ourselves we label on Facebook. Actually, bad news for anyone who has a face. The social network's horrifyingly accurate facial recognition software, DeepFace, is approaching human-level accuracy and definitely knows what you look like. NSA, don't you even think about it.

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  7. Tech

    New Report Says the NSA Poses as Facebook to Spread Their Malware, Good Thing We’ve All Moved on to Twitter

    Oh my God, the NSA is posing as Facebook to spread malware and steal all of your data! Can you even belieā€”no, I can't do it. I just cannot be surprised at the depths of this whole NSA spying debacle anymore. I don't have anything left. If they mounted a camera to my skull that observed my face at all times, all they'd see is a lack of shock.

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  8. Tech

    Young Woman’s Facebook Post Cost Her Dad $80,000

    Kids are expensive. Food. Clothes. Toys. $80,000 Facebook updates. That last one's not all that common, but it happened to one father/daughter team in Miami when an update from the daughter cost her father an $80,000 lawsuit settlement.

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  9. Tech

    Mark Zuckerberg Will Bring Internet to Developing Countries by Assembling Skynet’s Drone Fleet

    Mark Zuckerberg isn't happy with a paltry 1.23 billion people using Facebook. No, he needs everyone else to get on board, but residents of developing countries have a difficult time acquiring and affording Internet access. So, he's going to solve that problem the same way we seem to solve every problem now: drones.

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  10. Tech

    BlackBerry’s CEO Would Totally Sell BBM for $19 Billion, Guys, If Anyone’s Into That

    BlackBerry's totally relevant BBM messaging service went cross-platform, and sooo very many people were trying to sign up at once that they established virtual lines, which was definitely necessary. Surprisingly, BlackBerry's CEO now says he'd sell the super lucrative messaging service for the low price tag of "exactly the same as WhatsApp."

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  11. Tech

    Mark Zuckerberg And His Plan To Bring Free Internet To The World

    Facebook might just take over the planet. This afternoon, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Mark Zuckerberg revealed an ambitious plan to bring free internet access to everyone around the world. The access he wants to provide includes basic stuff, like the weather, messaging, and of course, Facebook, because what is the Internet without it?

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  12. Tech

    Gross, Internet. There’s Now an App for Betting on Friends’ Relationships Through Facebook

    You know what we needed in a world where people can already find out way too much about us? An app that lets us bet on whether or not our Facebook friends' relationships will last. Thanks, Forever|NOT. Now, cynics have an easy platform to pass judgment on other people, which I guess isn't surprising, since that basically describes the Internet.

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  13. Entertainment

    Gal Gadot Shows Off Her Guns, Could Probably Take You, So Let’s All Shut Up About Her Not Being Tough Enough, K?

    Remember when Gal Gadot was announced as Wonder Woman, and a bunch of jerks whined about her not being tough enough to play the part despite having been an actual soldier in the Israeli Army? Well she's been hitting the gym--a lot--and she showed off her progress on Facebook.

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  14. Weird

    Forensic Artist Reveals Face of Crystal Head Vodka’s Skull Bottle, Surprisingly Looks Nothing Like Dan Aykroyd

    Dan Aykroyd's company Crystal Head Vodka shared some photos on their Facebook page last month of a facial reconstruction done on top of their skull bottle by forensic artist Nigel Cockerton. If you can get over how creeptastic the in-between stages look, the end result is pretty incredible.

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  15. Tech

    Facebook Did a Good Thing, Will Allow More Than Male/Female Gender Preferences to Users

    Obviously, you don't need us to tell you that it's hard on the Internet for trans and non-binary people, but it's especially annoying when you sign up for a website and "gender" is one of the first things the registration page asks about. Luckily, Facebook's taking a massive step forward by expanding the options available.

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