1. Science

    Marco Rubio Declines To Say How Old He Thinks The Earth Is — Declares He Is “Not A Scientist,” Proves He Is A Coward

    In a recent GQ interview, Marco Rubio was asked point blank how old he thinks the Earth is, only to respond that the answer to that question is "one of the great mysteries." Good news, Marco! We solved it -- the Earth is about four and a half billion years old. Don't thank us, thank the hard working men and women of the United States Geological Survey. Now, about the way you delicately skirted that question, as if creationist theories about the age of the Earth deserve the same time and attention as USGS estimates...yeah, we're gonna take issue with that.

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  2. Tech

    There Are Still Surprising Facts to Learn About Google [Video]

    It may shock and amaze some that even with their immense popularity and public scrutiny, internet companies can still manage to provide some surprises from time to time. For your viewing pleasure, YouTube user All Time 10s has compiled a list of ten interesting facts about the internet's overlord: Google. They've even put a catchy tune to it! For example, Google estimates that an ad on their homepage would cost $10,000,000. Just in case, y'know, you have that kind of cash laying around.

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  3. Weird

    Calculator Spelling and Mary Toft: Wikipedia’s List of Unusual Articles

    It's Saturday, so hopefully you don't have much that needs accomplishing. If you do have something you need to do today, then by all means do not visit Wikipedia's list of Unusual Articles. We just lost about a half hour to it, simply in the process of writing this post. If you'd like to spend some time being enlightened about things that will probably never do your life any constructive good, with brief moments of Discovery-like love for all the weird and wonderful stuff in human history, then it's probably safe.

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