1. Weird

    Aw, Too Bad: North Korea’s Satellite is Probably Already Dead

    Well, that didn't last long. In what we have to assume is karmic payback for lying about unicorns, the satellite that North Korea launched into orbit last week is already dead, says a Harvard astronomer. North Korea is calling the launch a big victory for leader Kim Jong Un and their space program, but it seems like they haven't been as successful as they initially thought. Reports say that the object is tumbling and that so far, no signals have been detected coming from the washing machine-sized satellite -- which upon further review, may well turn out to actually just be a washing machine. Too bad, guys. Better luck next time.

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  2. Science

    Why Startups Fail [Infographic]

    The folks over at the Startup Genome (who are startups themselves, I think) have created an infographic that guides us through the process we have seen so many times before: The explosive growth and pathetic death of a startup company. While it is a touch technical, it's interesting to compare their theories with companies we're already familiar with. The graphic shows the importance of a slow-burn adoption, which brings Twitter to mind; and the value of keeping code development in-house instead of outsourcning, like Facebook reportedly does. Of course, how much wisdom you think this graphic has is up to you.

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