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    The Olympics Are Ending Today, So Here’s Speed Skating Mario Kart-Style

    The Olympics are over as of today! To stave off your inevitable Olympic-withdrawal symptoms, we present you this video created by Michael Shanks (probably not the Stargate SG-1 guy). It's a Speed Skating run - but with all the trappings of a Mario Kart course. Oh, and the narration is perfect.

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    If You Steal Gold Lego Bricks, You Will Be Attacked By Every Minifig Ever [VIDEO]

    I'm obsessed with collecting gold bricks in the Lego video games - I'm a completionist, and if I can't hit that 100%, it drives me crazy. If you're not willing to put in all that work, though, you could just steal the bricks; but, as this guy found out, doing so will bring the wrath of every Lego minifig ever down upon you.

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    Two Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation Broke onto Set in 1988, Recorded Fake Documentary [Video]

    You know that movie Fanboys, where a bunch of Star Wars fans break into Skywalker Ranch to get a copy of Episode I for their dying friend? Apparently that kind of thing was once easier to do than you'd expect -- though these guys who successfully broke onto the set of Star Trek: TNG didn't have such noble goals.

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    Link Fights Agahnim in Legend of Zelda Fan Film The Dark Mask [Video]

    Every time we see a live action Legend of Zelda fan film, we're reminded of just how cheesy a live action Zelda movie would probably be. We're also reminded that we'd go see that cheesy Zelda flick in a second, because we also can't stop watching Zelda fan films, so here's one that focuses on Dark Link's origin.

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    Live-Action Minecraft Short Makes Steve A Pickaxe-Wielding Bad-Ass

    It's just a normal day for Steve, Minecraft's main protagonist, wandering around the vast world with his pickaxe. Oh, and doing some zombie- and witch-killing, while he's at it. In this short film from Ben Combes (who previously released a two-part series on creepers), we see what Minecraft life would be like in high-def.

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    Portal: Survive! Is an Impressive (and Creepy) Fan Film Based on Portal [Video]

    If you love Portal, which you do, because blood courses through your veins, you'll really want to watch this awesome Portal fan film. It's very well done, especially considering its $500 budget. You can trust us. As part of a previously mentioned, required test protocol, we can no longer lie to you.

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  7. Gaming

    Half-Life Fan Film Raise the Bar Just Went Live

    The humble crowbar is an iconic weapon in Half-Life, but what's the story behind that particular crowbar, and how did Gordon Freeman get his hands on it? This fan film by Joe Miale just released on Machinima has the answer, and a whole lot of dead scientists. Take a look.

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  8. Entertainment

    City of Scars, the $27,000 Batman Fan Film

    Last week Aaron Schoenke released his fan film City of Scars, starring, as you might be able to guess, the Caped Crusader himself. The film was shot in less than a month, and for only $27,000, but it certainly doesn't look it.

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