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    Okay But What If Cyclops And Wolverine Were Actually Cats Though [VIDEO]

    Superhero fan and filmmaker Kaipo Jones loves cats almost as much as he loves the X-Men. After posting X-Men Origins: Cyclops Cat a few months back, Jones has continued his X-Cats series with Wolverine Cat! I think Wolverine Cat is going to need a serious scratching post.

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  2. Entertainment

    Feature-Length Fan Film Joker Rising Might Not Be Legal But Sure Has A Lot of Fans

    Would you like to know how the Joker got these scars? Because director/writer Alek Gearhart and co-writer Manuel Eduardo Ramirez have a fan film that they’d like you to see. Quick, before somebody who’s got an axe to grind against unauthorized derivative works gets involved! Called Joker Rising, the not-for-profit film (so that’ll probably keep [...]

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  3. Gaming

    Assassin’s Creed: Checkmate Imagines Edward Kenway As A Guy Ritchie Protagonist [Video]

    Hands down, the best parts of all the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies is when Robert Downey Jr.'s Holmes has to decide the best way to kick somebody's teeth in using hyper-fast mental calculations -- which sounds like a trick that a member of the Assassins would totally know how to do. So Machinima gave us Connor Kenway doing just that.

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