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    10 Books You Should Read If You’re Interested in The Age of Ice

    As those insurance commercials keep telling me, more is better. So if you're excited for The Age of Ice, why not be excited for ten other new books, too? Other than The Brothers Karamazov and Doctor Zhivago, of course. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of books those intrigued by Sidorova's work will likely enjoy.

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    Sci-Fi and Fantasy Website Tor Offers Free Download of Over 150 Stories

    Science fiction and fantasy site is celebrating their five years of internet presence by making all of their original fiction downloadable for free. Um, awesome?

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    When It Comes to Science Fiction and Fantasy, Multiple Levels of Realism Are Necessary

    How many times have you complained with something along the lines of, "How did Character A survive that gaping chest wound, or get from Point A to Point B so fast, or figure out the mystery with no clues?" And how many times have you gotten the response, "You're expecting realism from a book/show/movie with dragons/time travel/vampires?" Clearly, that's too easy a comeback. It can be used to dismiss virtually any complaint about a work, and yet you somehow have to answer it. Why are you okay with a story about time-traveling vampire dragons -- my idea, don't steal it! -- but bothered by relatively minor elements in the story? The answer is that rather than coming from a desire to nitpick the story to death, our reaction is natural, and it's no big deal if we have multiple types of 'realism' in our fiction.

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    10 Books You Absolutely Must Read If You Like Neil Gaiman

    As anyone who pays attention to literary world news knows, Neil Gaiman's latest novel -- The Ocean at the End of the Lane -- was only just released. Obviously, this is super exciting news. But at 192 pages, how long is it really going to take to read? A couple of hours? Please. Any true junkie will soon be jonesing for more. That's why we've compiled a list of 10 books you should read if you're a Neil Gaiman fan.

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    PSA: Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane Drops Tomorrow

    Some super-exciting news crept up on us all: Neil Gaiman, adorably timid fantasy author, is releasing his latest novel on tomorrow, June 18th. The book, titled The Ocean at the End of the Lane, promises to be dark, suspenseful, and just a little bit heartbreaking.

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    13 Awesome Fantasy Songs You Need to Hear

    Fantasy finally started to hit the mainstream when 2001's The Fellowship of the Ring turned out to be an amazing film, but short of movie soundtracks and video games, music with fantasy themes never really did. Science fiction crops up now and again in the pop culture zeitgeist, mostly in film, but for some reason fantasy remains a harder sell to serious-minded adults. Kids? Sure. Harry Potter and all that. But oh man, there's so much out there, and a lot of it's in music. You absolutely need to know about some of the amazing fantasy songs that exist, so that plausible deniability can no longer be your excuse.

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    Celebrate International Women’s Day With These 10 Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy

    Today is International Women's Day, which has been around for over a hundred years! But you know what's been around a lot longer than that? Women! And heroes are women. Here in our little corner of the Internet, we at Geekosystem constantly think about things that other geeks, dorks, and nerds the world over think about every day, like science, technology, books, movies, and games. And you know what those things have in them? Women!

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    Air Date Announced for BBC Radio Drama of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere

    Excellent news for fans of Neil Gaiman and/or sci-fi and/or radio dramas: It's been announced that the radio drama of Neil Gaiman's urban fantasy novel Neverwhere on BBC's Radio 4 will begin airing on March 16th. In case you missed it, Neverwhere the radio drama is voice-acted, among others, by Sherlock Holmes as Smaug the Dragon -- errr, Benedict Cumberbatch -- and some others you may know.

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  9. Tech

    This iPad Map Guides You Through Ankh-Morpork, Where Else Do You Want to Go?

    There's an app for everything, right? Well, not yet, but maybe soon. For example, Random House has created an app for the iPad that lets you explore, in great detail, the entire city of Ankh-Morpork, the famous fictional metropolis of the Discworld series. So what's the deal? And what does it mean?

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    Awesome Flowchart Helps You Pick Your Next Sci-Fi or Fantasy Read

    So as you may be aware, NPR crowd-sourced a list of the 100 greatest sci-fi and fantasy novels. As you might also be aware, 100 novels is a lot of novels. Chances are you've read or at least heard of some of them before, but let's say you want to pick a new one, something you aren't familiar with, something that will be an exciting surprise, but more importantly, something you'll actually enjoy.

    Well you don't have to choose arbitrarily based on title or cover art any more; SF Signal has created an exhaustive, infinitely useful flowchart that'll help you find the pick that's right for you. Also, it's funny, which is always a plus. Whether you're interested in diving into the annals of post-apocalyptic Catholicism thousands of years in the future or an epic fantasy series with at least ten books under its belt, this flowchart is sure to lead you to the right choice. Take a look after the jump.

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    We’re Not In Kansas Anymore: Fantasy World Map

    Cartoonist Dan Meth has completed what he regards as the complete map of the Fantasy Universe, leading one to wonder how exactly border disputes are handled between, say, Krull and Oz. Drawing from comics, books, movies, and video games, the map is very inclusive in its approach covering just about any realm you'd care to wander through. Bonus points if you can name them all without Googling. The map is part of a series of popculture graphs. Geekosystem readers may enjoy his Trilogy Meter or his Futuristic Movie Timeline. (Dan Meth via Buzzfeed)

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    ESPN Fantasy Games Flaw Let Anyone Get Any Player from Any Team, Thankfully Fixed

    Apparently, there was a humongous flaw within ESPN's Fantasy Sports leagues that allowed anyone to force anyone else in any league (including leagues you weren't even in) to drop any player to the waivers, then change the waiver order in their favor to pick up the dropped player before anyone else could, by using an extremely easy process involving URLs. Thankfully, ESPN quickly fixed the issue.

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    Frank Frazetta, Master of Fantasy Art, Dies at Age 82

    If you're a fan of fantasy, pulp literature, or hard rock, chances are good that you've seen the work of illustrator and painter Frank Frazetta. And if you're, you know, a human being with working eyes, chances are good that you've at least seen thousands of works inspired by his. Frazetta was a master of fantasy art whose epic book and album covers featuring well-muscled warriors and beautiful goddesses were thrilling enough to make anyone who looked at them want to run out, grab a battle-axe and a loin cloth, and stand atop a mountain somewhere. Unfortunately, today came the sad news that Frazetta has died of a stroke.

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    The Rise and Fall of Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV, in Epic Infographic Form

    GeekSix blogger Josh has productively used his free time to create this neat infographic of the rise and fall of sci-fi and fantasy shows on TV since 1950, as mapped out by the number of genre shows in any given year.

    Our inner geeks would've loved to see every single one of these boxes filled in with the actual shows -- though that might be just a tad unwieldy, not to mention ugly -- but the continuity boxes are an especially nice touch. Long live Superman!

    Full infographic after the jump:

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    I Came, I Saw, I-CON: Photos from the Northeast’s Biggest Sci-Fi Convention

    This past weekend, from March 26-28, Stony Brook University hosted what is advertised as "the Northeast's largest convention of science fiction, fact and fantasy." Or, put another way, the university held one of the geekiest conventions you could shake a catgirl tail at, what con-goers already know as I-Con. And it was awesome:

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