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  1. Science

    To Nobody’s Surprise, Fast Food Chicken Nuggets Are More Fat and “Stuff” Than Actual Chicken

    A paper published in The American Journal of Medicine analyzed the makeup of chicken nuggets from two fast food chains to determine just how much chicken is actually in a nugget. Turns out, not much. Is anyone surprised? No. We didn't think so.

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  2. Weird

    Forget #RoyalBaby, ‘a Horse Walks Into a McDonald’s’ is the Best News Out of the United Kingdom This Morning

    Burned out on Royal Baby but still want to keep track of the news coming out of the UK this morning? Us too. That's why we're bringing you the following extremely important story of a woman who was fined by police over the weekend for bringing her horse into a McDonald's location in Greater Manchester after employees wouldn't serve her from the drive through window. Once inside, the horse took its revenge for this act of discrimination by making the McDonald's dining experience worse in pretty much the only way possible -- taking a horse-sized dump on the floor.

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  3. Weird

    Yeah, Like You’d Be Able to Resist Doing This If You Worked at Wendy’s

    Literally every person who has ever worked at a place with a soft serve dispenser or milkshake machine -- and that's a lot of us -- has considered doing this at one point or another. Anyone who tells you different is a lying liar.

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  4. Weird

    Tearful Robber Holds Up Papa John’s for Money, Walks Away With Pizza Instead

    The cardinal rule of any successful robbery -- whether it be a bank, store, or any other establishment carrying copious amounts of cash -- is to maintain control of one's emotions throughout the duration of the forced transaction until it is complete. In other words, do try to keep it cool. A neophyte robber in Helena, Montana failed to heed this adage when holding up a local Papa John's, turning what otherwise should have been a tense situation into an awkward one when he broke down and started bawling in front of the clerk and everyone waiting in line for pizza.

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  5. Weird

    I’m a Ghost! Invisible Driver Fast Food Prank [Video]

    As if the people working the drive-through window of fast food places don't have it bad enough, they're often on the receiving end of a lot of dumb pranks. "Coning" was a weird one where people grabbed ice cream cones by the ice cream. "Fire in the Hole!" -- where jerks throw drinks at the employees -- was probably the worst. This one though... this one we like. A guy built a car seat costume and used to it make fast food workers think there's no one in the car. No one gets hurt. Nothing gets sticky. We just get a hilarious video and the new catchphrase "Instagram dat joint!"

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  6. Science

    Week of Obesity: Soda Cans Make Us Fat, 44% American Obesity Rates by 2030

    This week, we're taking a look at recent studies of obesity in America, starting with some surprising news of chemically-induced obesity, and wrapping up with some depressing, if unsurprising, predictions about America's fat future.

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  7. Weird

    Taco Bell is Now Offering Breakfast

    When you think "breakfast," you can now start thinking "Taco Bell," as the fast food chain is trying their hand at the early morning meal everyone age fifteen t0 thirty skips in favor of sleeping an extra few minutes. Considering the usual repertoire of items on offer at Taco Bell, one wouldn't be too surprised to find out most of their breakfast offerings are of the breakfast burrito variety. The new breakfast menu, dubbed "FirstMeal," was introduced today at over 800 of Taco Bell's locations across Western states.

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