1. Science

    Researchers Find Way To Instill Terror In Brain Damaged Patients Who Can’t Normally Feel Fear

    A team of researchers at the University of Iowa studying human fear response has found evidence suggesting that the amygdala -- a part of the brain known to be important in fear responses -- may not be the only key to human fear. Studying subjects with damaged amygdalas who don't feel fear from outside sources, the team was still able to instill a fear response by switching to internal cues -- in this case, making the body feel it was suffocating -- suggesting that there are more moving parts to our fear response than a knee jerk reaction from the amygdala. The lesson here, of course, is watch out, because if there's one thing that comic books have taught us, it is that at least one person working in this lab is a convenient aerosol spray away from a full, rich life of super-villainy.

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  2. Science

    Litany Against Fear Nailed It: Talking Through Emotions Can Reduce Fear Response

    A study from UCLA suggests that talking about your emotions when you're feeling afraid can lessen the impact of the fear response, proving once and for all that the Bene Gesserits were exactly right about how to deal with fear. As if there were any doubt. In a study of arachnophobes -- people with a perfectly reasonable fear of spiders, because, ugh, those legs -- researchers found that subjects who articulated what they were feeling when they were exposed to a tarantula had less fear of the spider, and were able to get closer to it and touch it more often than others who did not mention their fear of spiders during the experience.

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  3. Gaming

    U.S. Soldier-Terrorists Inspired by Rainbow Six: Patriots

    A group of U.S. soldiers who formed a para-military group planning to perform terrorist acts as a means of inciting hypervigilance and rallying support for the military were apparently inspired by Rainbow Six: Patriots, according to a prosecutor trying members of the group for murder.

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  4. Entertainment

    This Song About Fear is Easily the Most Twisted Thing You’ll See Today [Video]

    This video, teaching us all about fear in children, teaches us something about fear in grown adults, in that this thing is pure terror. Enjoy.

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