1. Tech

    Loophole Closed: Sweden Extends TV Tax To Computer and Tablet Owners

    TV taxes, or license fees per television set, are pretty common throughout Europe, providing funding for many large public broadcasters across the continent, such as the much-loved BBC. This week, though, Sweden updated their structure for collecting the television tax to reflect how more and more people actually watch TV, which is not on their TV. With that in mind, the television tax will now apply to any citizen with a computer or tablet as well.

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  2. Tech

    Finnish Nine-Year-Old Given Laptop by Mysterious Donors After Police Seize Hers

    Sometimes the Finnish police raid the homes of nine-year-old girls and confiscate their Winnie the Pooh laptops. That really happens. Okay, it happened once, but it's pretty messed up. The girl, whose computer was confiscated after being accused of illegally downloading one song off The Pirate Bay, was given a used MacBook Pro by a group of donors. The group asked to remain anonymous, but hit the jump to see us take a few guesses anyway.

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  3. Weird

    Finnish Police Take Winnie the Pooh Laptop From Nine-Year-Old Accused of Piracy

    Seriously, Finland? We understand that Internet piracy is a problem, but this is just too much. Police raided the home of a nine-year-old girl and confiscated her laptop -- her Winnie the Pooh laptop -- because she was accused of downloading one song off The Pirate Bay. That really happened. We all live in this world now.

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  4. Gaming

    Angry Birds Theme Park Attraction Opens In Finland, Has A Less-Than-Inviting Name

    Hey, everybody? You want to go to Angry Birds Land? Of course you don't; it sounds horrible! But what if I told you it's neither a dangerous aviary nor a real-life interpretation of Hitchcock's The Birds, but rather a theme park attraction based on the popular mobile game? Also, it's in Finland. Personally, I'm landing on a solid "Okay, maybe?" Regardless of your excitement, or lack thereof, Angry Birds Land has opened at Finland's Särkänniemi Adventure Park and is bound to be a little more intense than the game it's based on.

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  5. Entertainment

    Finnish Coffee Shop Lets You Troll Its Customers Over the Internet

    Kauko, a coffee shop in Helsinki Finland, is conducting an experiment. Not some kind of boring experiment with control groups and use of the scientific method, no. Kauko is engaging in mad science, conducting an experiment with little discernible purposes, countless variables, and the potential for hilarious videos. Kauko has adjustable seats, tables, music, and lights that can be controlled over the Internet by anyone who happens to feel like it.

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  6. Weird

    “Fishing Under Ice” Is A Stunning, Upside-Down Take on Ice Fishing [Video]

    Before you read any of this, just watch the video above for a little bit and see if you can wrap your head around it. It took me a while to get it. OK, so this video was filmed underwater at Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland, where the stars stood upside-down on the underwater surface of the ice and mimicked fishing while using air as water. Crazy, right?

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  7. Tech

    Broadband Connection Now A Legal Right In Finland

    In America, we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In Finland they have all that stuff, but now they also have Internet! Yes, starting July 1 every citizen of Finland has the legal guarantee of a broadband Internet connection of at least 1 Megabit per second. And the promise has been made to upgrade every citizen to a 100Mbps connection in five years. Finland is the first nation to make the Internet a legal right for its citizens. England has come close, promising a minimum connection of 2Mbps to all its citizens. But that's just a promise. There is no voiced intent at present of codifying it in law. Finland is such a happy country for Internet users. First of all, it's estimated that there are only about 4,000 homes that lack an Internet connection in the first place, so they law won't be costly. Second, and this is the big one, you know how they deal with illegal file-sharing in Finland? They send them letters! Like, in the mail! That's so adorably wonderful.

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