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    The Breaking Bad Flash Game Almost Makes Us Feel Better and Less Emotionally Scarred

    Want to go back to a happier time when Breaking Bad was all about a guy who just wanted to feed his family veggie bacon and catch that damn fly that's been buzzing around? Now you can recreate your favorite non-heartbreaking moments of the series with this cool flash game.

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    The Chilean Miner Rescue Flash Game

    This is genius. (Although you probably won't finish it.) Chilean tech and design firm Root33 has made a playable Flash game called Los 33 in which you rescue the Chilean miners trapped underground. They've been kind enough to let us embed it here. Rotate the wheel to get the rescue vehicle underground to pick up miners one-by-one, then rotate it again to bring it back up to the surface and drop them off amid the cheering crowds. Programming credit goes to Felipe "Peluche" León. >>>Play the game.

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