1. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: Aaron Sagers (@aaronsagers)

    It's Friday, so it's time for our weekly #FollowFriday segment where we tell you who to follow on Twitter. This week it's entertainment writer and television host Aaron Sagers!

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  2. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: Robert Downey Jr. (@RobertDowneyJr)

    Okay, we know it's technically Saturday, but we're bringing you a day-late Follow Friday in honor of a very special someone who just joined the Twitterverse last night. Ladies and gentlemen, please go and follow the one and only RDJ. Or Tony Stark. We can't tell the difference anymore.

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  3. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: The Maude (@SaysTheMaude)

    This week for Follow Friday, we're going to do a bit of shameless cross-promotional plugging. Our sister site The Jane Dough has undergone a transformation and blossomed into The Maude, a website about women in comedy, and we think you should be following them right now.

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  4. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: Waterstones on Oxford Street (@WstonesOxfordSt)

    It's Follow Friday! Yes, again. A new one comes 'round every week, I'l have you know. Come see what Twitter account we think you should be following this week: Waterstones on Oxford Street!

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  5. Space

    #FollowFriday: Abigail Harrison (@AstronautAbby)

    It's Friday again, so here's another recommendation of someone for you to follow on Twitter. This week, I think you should be following Abigail Harrison, because young people are the future, and it's nice to see one making a difference for science. Oh, and she's an inspiring figure for girls to look up to in STEM fields, which is something we need.

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  6. Science

    #FollowFriday: Phil Plait (@badastronomer)

    It's Friday and Twitter is still a thing, so we're going to tell you who to follow. This week we'd like to point you towards science lover Phil Plait (@badastronomer) for some fun science times.

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  7. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: John Scalzi (@scalzi)

    You know the drill. It's Friday, so it's also #FollowFriday, so we're going to highlight a Twitter feed we like a bunch and suggest that you go follow it, too. This week, we have the feed for Redshirts-writing, Hugo award-winning, Regency-gown-wearing John Scalzi.

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  8. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: Eric Smith (@ericsmithrocks)

    It's that time of the week where we give you someone to follow on Twitter. This week it's Geek's Guide to Dating author, occasional Geekosystem contributor, and Philadelphia enthusiast Eric Smith who tweets from @ericsmithrocks.

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  9. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: Dread Singles (@HottestSingles)

    It's Friday, so that means -- oh, come on, do we really have to explain this to you every week? It's Follow Friday! You know the drill. This week we're recommending our new favorite sanity-depleting, psychologically horrifying Twitter (sorry, Night Vale!), Dread Singles.

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  10. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: John Green (@RealJohnGreen)

    It's that time again, Internet. It's the day when we jump in on the glorious Twitter tradition of #FollowFriday and recommend an account we think you should be following. This week that account belongs to author/vlogger/nerdfighter(not someone who fights nerds) John Green.

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  11. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: Night Vale (@NightValeRadio)

    Gosh, is it Friday already? Time for another #FollowFriday, where we tell you who you should be following on Twitter. This week we've got the official Twitter account for the Welcome To Night Vale podcast, which is a treat to read all on its own.

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  12. Science

    #FollowFriday: LOL My Thesis (@lolmythesis)

    You know how this works by now. It's Friday, so we're recommending a Twitter account for you to follow. It's #FollowFriday. This week, @lolmythesis, a genius account that summarizes years of academic research and writing into one geniusly oversimplified sentence.

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  13. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: Kate Beaton (@beatonna)

    Wow, is it Friday already? Time flies when you're gorging yourself on holiday treats and trying to ignore your family's questions about your personal life. Speaking of which, the person we think you should be following on Twitter this time is Kate Beaton, whose recent family comics have been the highlight of our week.

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  14. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: Dr. Ben Tippett (@bnprime)

    It's Friday! You know what that means: binge-watching old Pete and Pete reruns and passing out in front of the TV. No? Just us? Well, for the rest of you, it's also #FollowFriday! That's where we try to convince you to follow great people on Twitter, and this week that great person TARDIS-theorizing physicist Dr. Ben Tippett.

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  15. Entertainment

    #FollowFriday: Bryan Lee O’Malley (@radiomaru)

    It's that time again! That's right, we're about to attempt to improve your Internet experience by suggesting a person we think you should be following on Twitter. That person is Scott Pilgrim creator, author, and artist Bryan Lee O'Malley, because he's still writing comics and being hilarious, and you can get in on it.

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