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    Which Celebrities Did People Force to Follow Them the Day Twitter Exploded?

    Earlier this week, a Turkish heavy metal fan discovered a major bug in Twitter that allowed users to force any other person on Twitter to follow them. As news of the glitch went viral, it quickly brought Twitter to its knees, and the service was forced to temporarily reduce everyone to zero followers and disable follows as they patched the bug and reversed illicitly obtained forced follows.

    While there's many a teachable moment to be had in the mayhem, one social media company, Row Feeder, took the opportunity to analyze which Twitter users people forced to follow them using the glitch. Not surprisingly, the top 20 forced followers were almost all celebrities and other public figures, and while it would be silly to read the list as an absolute measure of popularity, it's no coincidence that the likes of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Conan were so widely sought.

    Who came in at #1? Find out, and check out the full list, after the jump:

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  2. Tech

    Twitter Follower Counts Reset to Zero After “Forced Follow” Bug Revealed (Update2)

    Ever since the early days of the Fail Whale, Twitter has earned, perhaps rightly, a reputation of not being the stablest of web services. The advent of today's "forced follow" Twitter bug, which allowed users to very easily force anyone to follow them on Twitter, is not likely to help that reputation -- nor is the fact that in combatting it, Twitter has temporarily reset follower and following counts to zero.

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