1. Entertainment

    Edited, “Family Friendly” Walking Dead Coming to Fox Syndicate

    Beginning this Fall, Fox-owned syndicate MyNetworkTV will be airing two episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead a week. But, the broadcast network's version of the show will obviously look a little different than the post-apocalyptic America we're used to seeing on AMC—MyNetwork will have to follow strict editing guidelines to make the show "family friendly".

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  2. Entertainment

    FOX Affiliate Cuts Evolution Reference in Cosmos

    For a show as all-encompassing as Cosmos, it's surprising that the series' only reference to evolution so far lasted less than a minute. And if you live in Oklahoma City, Fox News affiliate KOKH-TV didn't even want you to see that.

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  3. Space

    President Obama Is Introducing Cosmos Tonight, Which You’re Watching

    Cosmos is premiering tonight, and we here at Geekosystem are ridiculously excited about it. We've had the chance to screen the first episode, and it's truly incredible. But just when we thought we couldn't be any more excited about this show, we found out that President Obama was going to be adding an introduction to the series before it airs.

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  4. Entertainment

    Seriously, Though, You Need to Watch Cosmos This Sunday

    We'll admit, you probably expected writers from a site with "Geek" in the title to be excited about Cosmos just from the trailers. However, we also got the chance to watch the first episode already, so trust us when we say it really is going to be incredible. We don't know how else to convince you to watch, but by God, we're gonna to try.

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  5. Entertainment

    Fox’s Lawyers Told Us To Redact That Awful (And Hopefully Still Fake) Fantastic Four Plot Summary

    About two weeks ago, we posted a story about a rumored Fantastic Four origin story plot which, aside from being horrible, had been debunked by director Josh Trank. This morning, however, we got a letter from Fox's legal department that more or less threatened legal action if we didn't take the plot summary down. Ugh, so does that mean it's... real?

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  6. Entertainment

    Everybody Relax, That Shitty Fantastic Four Origin Story Rumor Is 100% Fake

    Even people who aren't rabid comic book fans know the origin story of the Fantastic Four. It's four people who go into space, get hit by radiation, and develop crazy nonsense powers. Easy, right? Wrong, according to new rumors that Fox is forgoing the classic narrative for something.... "younger." Ick.

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  7. Gaming

    Fox Developing Magic: The Gathering Movie, Because That Went So Well For Dungeons & Dragons?

    We're sorry, Magic: The Gathering fans (alternately, congratulations! But we're guessing "sorry" is more apt). Your beloved tabletop card game is being made into a feature-length film by Fox. We fear no good can come from this.

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  8. Science

    The Fox Has a New Secret: The Secret of Its Dive-Bombing Magnetic Hunting Technique

    You know what? Who cares what the fox says. It can jump into the air and land face first on its tiny prey right through several feet of snow. As far as we're concerned, it can say whatever it wants, because it's a deadly supernatural killing machine that we're glad is too small to hunt humans. Also, it's pretty hilarious to watch, so why don't you.

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  9. Weird

    Fox Allowed To Roam Freely On The White House Lawn Due To Government Shutdown

    Ever since the government first shut down, all of the White House groundskeepers have been forbidden from tending to the White House lawn or to Michelle Obama's famous Kitchen Garden. In their absence, a fox has taken up residence at the White House, and nobody can catch him because legally they're not allowed.

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  10. Entertainment

    Fox Is Doing an American Broadchurch Remake and Ugh No Why

    re you a fan of the gut-wrenchingly powerful BBC show Broadchurch? Are you sitting down? Okay, deep breaths -- Fox just ordered a remade pilot. Set in America. It's okay. We're going to get through this. You never know, maybe it'll be good!

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  11. Entertainment

    Fox Options a Batman Prequel TV Show Set In Gotham, So That’s Happening

    Between Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Flash, and Arrow, Network TV producers have been doubling down on comic franchises in a big way -- which makes sense, since nobody really watches network TV and they need a gimmick to get us in. Now Fox has gotten its hands on the biggest gimmick of all: the Dark Knight.

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  12. Weird

    Okay, People: Here is What the Fox Actually Says [Video]

    All right, we've had enough of this "wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow" and the "joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff" nonsense. We know that the fox says, and it sounds like this.

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  13. Entertainment

    Elders React to the Vylvis Fox Music Video, are Appropriately Perplexed [Video]

    The now-infamous "What Does The Fox Say?" video completely broke our brains when we first saw it. So the poor older people that the Fine Brothers subjected to the song for their "Elders React to Music Video" series? They must still be completely beside themselves with confusion.

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  14. Entertainment

    Fox Channel Jumps on “What Does the Fox Say?” With New Promo

    If you're hoping the song "The Fox" by Norwegian band Ylvis will go away, bad news! Fox Broadcasting has picked it up for a new promo, so get comfy with the idea of hearing it -- a lot. It doesn't look like it's going anywhere for a while. Weird fox hats for everybody!

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  15. Weird

    What Does the Fox Say? This Bizarre Music Video… Uhm… I Just… I Don’t Even Know

    I have a six-month-old daughter, so I'm deep in the trenches of "the [animal] says [noise]," so seeing this insane music video by Norwegian musicians Ylvis first thing this morning is pretty thoroughly messing with my head. I'm like 80% sure I'm dreaming right now. Take a look, then try to convince me this is real life in the comments section.

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