1. Space

    Frog Photobombs NASA’s LADEE Launch is Maybe Not Dead

    Most of us watched the LADEE craft launch last Friday through an Internet live stream, wishing we could be closer to the action. This frog got arguably too close to that action since it managed to get itself between the launch and a camera. It's already Internet-famous, but also probably dead. Still. Heck of a way to go out.

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  2. Science

    Snikt! Wolverine Frog Has Retractable Bone Claws

    The Otton frog, a rare breed of frog native to the islands of Southern Japan, has an evolutionary adaptation as weird as it is awesome -- a retractable bone claw, just like Wolverine. Unlike everyone's favorite tiny Canadian mutant, though, the Otton frog uses its claws for both loving and fighting, sinking the bone spike into a female to keep from being thrown off during mating and using the spike as a weapon when it battles other males for territory.

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