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    After Futurama Ends Tonight, Check Out This Nerdist Livestream With The Cast and Crew

    It's the last episode of Futurama ever tonight -- for real this time. What will you do with yourself once it's over? If you're like us, you'll probably head over to Youtube to watch Nerdist's Chris Hardwick interview series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, as well as other members of the creative team and cast. We've got the feed waiting for you right here.

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    Shut up and Take My Money! Somebody Made A Holophonor from Futurama

    Ever wanted to tell your one-eyed girlfriend how much you love her, but without all those annoying words that get tangled up in your dumb 20th century brain? The holophonor would be able to help you with that -- you know, if it were real. One lucky client of Volpin Props is going to get pretty close, though, with this amazing replica of the Futurama prop.

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  3. Entertainment

    Probably Not Drift Compatible: Seven Fantastic Examples of Technobabble

    Technobabble -- the scientific-sounding gibberish that scientist characters spew in every episode of Star Trek -- is the dilithium crystal in the warp engine that makes science fiction run. It can get to ridiculous levels. Ron Moore steered clear of it in Battlestar Galactica because his Trek scripts filled up with [INSERT TECH HERE], but ultimately it's hard to get by without it. Technobabble generally does make sense on a superficial level, since there's so much speculative science out there that there's bound to be a field related to whatever the story requires. For better or for worse, take a look at the greatest ways technobabble has been put to use.

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  4. Entertainment

    Good News, Everyone: Watsky Wrote a Spec Script for Futurama That You Can Read Right Now

    Putting together spec scripts for already-existing television shows is a great way for young and budding television writers to practice their skills -- kind of like fanfic that you can use to get a real job. Too bad rapper and slam poetry sensation George Watsky doesn't have a whole lot of time to get his Futurama spec script in the hands of producers, what with the show set to end at the beginning of September. In order to not deprive the world of his self-proclaimed magnum opus, he put the whole thing up on his website for us all to read instead. What a great headache with pictures he had!

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  5. Entertainment

    Speaking of ’60s Batman and Futurama, Here’s ’60s Batman in Futurama

    Futurama is ending soon -- again. But before that, it looks like Matt Groening and crew are looking to get the most out of their final season, and that includes getting Batman stars Adam West and Burt Ward to do a special guest appearance on the show. They recently released images of the character models on the Comedy Central website, and they look sufficiently Batman-y to make me very happy about the state of the world. Admit it, you really have been hoping those two would get back together for another Return to the Batcave. I refuse to hear otherwise.

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  6. Entertainment

    Days of Futurama Past: Comedy Central Ends The Show’s Run Sep. 4

    Futurama has been cancelled before, but it looks like this time it might really, truly be over. Comedy Central has decided not to order any more episodes of the show, and will just it march slowly to its death on September 4th as it closes out its seventh season. The news will no doubt upset fans, but the show's executive producer David X. Cohen isn't surprised.

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  7. Tech

    The Whole Story of Social Media Last Night in One Futurama Clip

    A great many things were said on Twitter last night as the Boston-area manhunt wore on into the early morning. Lots of them were interesting. Many of them were true, and lots of folks on social media did kind of an amazing job covering it live in real time. Many of them, though, have ended up being more interesting than they were true in the cold light of day. I'd like to think there's a lesson in there about withholding things like names of suspects -- especially the names of oh, say, missing people whose families are worried about them -- until you're sure they're actually the names of suspects. I wonder if it will be.

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  8. Entertainment

    5 Stars, Would Elect In Real Life: Our Favorite Fictional Presidents

    It's just about over, folks. You're one day away from not having to see another political ad for nearly 24 months. Now that you've made your voice heard -- you did vote, didn't you? -- for the candidates of your choice, take a moment to sit back and reminisce about some of the Presidents that the world of geekdom has given us. After all, participating in a democracy is tiring work, and you've earned a break today of all days. If you're not done telling people how you think things should be done, though, by all means, let us know what Commanders-in-Chief you think should or shouldn't be on this list, either in the comments or on our Facebook page. It may not be your civic duty or anything, but we always want to hear what you think.

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  9. Entertainment

    Hunker Down: The Best Apocalypse Shelters In All Of Geekdom

    As windows are boarded up and down the eastern seaboard, we're taking shelter, too. A triple batch of mac and cheese is on the stove, the bathtub is full of water, and we're playing with the idea of one more run to the store for ALL OF THE CANNED TUNA!!! As we prepare for the fall of Western civilization as we know it, please join us in recalling some of our favorite shelters for waiting out the end of days.

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  10. Gaming

    Brainwave Measurements May Predict Talent at Video Games, Recruiting Of LoL Super-Team Likely Already in Progress

    A study by psychologists at the University of Illinois suggests that measuring brainwave oscillation could predict how quickly someone will get good at a video game. The study, published today in the journal Psychophysiology, is simultaneously heartening to people like myself who are bad at video games. On the one hand, there's nothing we can do about it, and it doesn't mean we appreciate the medium any less. We're just not wired that way, which is a very freeing thing. On the other hand, we're bad at a fun thing because our brains our broken, which is a hard statement to paint in a flattering light.

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  11. Gaming

    Did You Know There’s More Than One Futurama-Chrono Trigger Mashup?

    If the Internet is good for anything that isn't porn or playing video games online, it's that if something is conceivable, someone probably already thought of it and you can find a community with which to discuss it. Anyone who visits any online social community is probably already aware how much love the Internet has for the hilarious but consistently sad comedy Futurama, and one of Squaresoft's better video games before they lost touch with their industry, Chrono Trigger. It probably won't be surprising to know that there's a Futurama-Chrono Trigger mashup out there in the wilds of the Internet, but did you it doesn't stop at just one?

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  12. Tech

    Electronic Voting Machines Hacked, Bender Bending Rodriguez Elected to School Board

    Sure, widespread electronic voting would make the process of tallying and processing ballots exponentially easier, but can it ever really be secure? Maybe someday, but certainly not right now, as evidenced by a little experiment in Washington D.C. that ended with everyone's favorite robo-sociopath Bender Bending Rodriguez being elected as the head of the Washington D.C. school board. Needless to say, there was a little bit of hacking involved.

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  13. Entertainment

    Realistic Futurama Busts are Awesome, Creepy

    No one is going to argue that Futurama has any illusions of being even remotely realistic. Between the energy beings, the wide cast of bizarre aliens, mutants, and anthropomorphic robots, you can't really argue that anything in the show is trying to mirror anything remotely close to "real life" at all. That is probably why these realistic busts of Futurama characters by deviantART-ist artanis-one are so awesome and, let's be honest, disturbing.

    Can you imagine if Zoidberg actually looked like that? It's hard to picture him as the clown of the crew when you're staring into the face of a realistic lobsterman. Imagine what his claws look like. "Woob woob woob" suddenly gets a little more sinister. I'm not even going to bring up Nibbler. You can see that for yourself.

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  14. Entertainment

    Futurama Meets The Simpsons [Mashup]

    Inspired by the above illustration by Kate Yampolskaya, a bunch of creative (and anonymous) people on the Internet Photoshopped some more awesome Futurama/Simpsons crossovers in the same vein.

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  15. Weird

    Severed Head Life Support System

    77 years after Charles Guthrie amputated a dog's head and sewed it onto the neck of another dog and made everyone really depressed after reading that bit of sentence, scientists patented a device to preserve severed heads. Yep, just like Futurama.

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