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    Would Aragorn Participate In Orc Genocide? George R.R. Martin Asks The Tough Questions (And We Try To Answer)

    Yesterday Rolling Stone released a long and compelling interview with A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R.R. Martin about his life and work. Over the course of the interview, he happened to suggest a very interesting rhetorical continuation of the Lord of the Rings series that has made our nerd hearts swell with righteous anger.

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    New Jersey Community College Suspends Professor Because His Daughter Wore a Game of Thrones T-Shirt

    I think we can all agree GoT is not a safe show to watch with your kids. So, upon hearing that a community college recently suspended a professor over a GoT shirt his young daughter was wearing in a picture online, the mind reels at the possibilities. Just what could have been on that t-shirt? Headless Ned Stark? A bunch of naked women?

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    Game of Thrones Continues to Break Piracy Records

    Game of Thrones may not be the most watched show on television, but it's certainly the most pirated. It's set yet another record for being illegally downloaded online. HBO didn't seem to care much the last two times this happened, so will this time be any different?

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    Paying Just to Watch Game of Thrones in Australia Can Cost $50 an Episode

    Game of Thrones is the most pirated show in television history, and for good reason: it's full of spoil-able plot points that everyone wants to talk about the next day, and only legally available to people who have to pay through the nose to get it. In fact, TorrentFreak did the math and in most countries, it can get kind of ridiculous.

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    This Infographic Shows Each Country’s Most “Popular” Game of Thrones Character, America Is The Worst

    The whole world loves Game of Thrones, that's no surprise - but which country loves Game of Thrones the very most? And which characters does each separate country find themselves talking about the most? With a new study put together through Outbrain, we can give you Game of Thrones love by the numbers. Oh, and it turns out the US is just the worst.

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  6. Weird

    America Is Naming More Babies “Khaleesi” Than “Betsy”

    Nerdy parents are now claiming what is theirs with fire, blood, and an enthusiasm for strong female role models from pop culture: statistics from the Social Security Administration reveal that in 2012 America welcomed more babies named Khaleesi than Betsy. Adorable baby cosplay pics or it didn't happen, SSA!

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    Goats Sing the Game of Thrones Theme Song and Butcher It Completely Like Everything Else Goats Touch

    Goats are the walking paradox of the animal kingdom. They make everything better by ruining everything, and "Game of Goats" proves that fact by letting goats sing along to the Game of Thrones theme song and completely destroy it.

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    What HBO Needs To Take Away From Its Second Big HBO GO Outage

    Those of us who were naive enough to think HBO might have fixed their mistake after the True Detective season finale were pretty disappointed when we couldn't watch the GoT season premiere last night, even hours after it first aired. Here's what HBO should learn from this mess if they want their streaming service to be taken seriously.

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    Get Ready For Game of Thrones With These Buffy-Style Opening Credits

    Brace yourself: Game of Thrones season four premieres tonight. Sure, when we see the GOT opening credits later this evening, we'll be reminded of how beautiful they are - but remember your fave opening sequence of the 90s? The campy beginning to Buffy? Wouldn't everything be better set to music by Nerf Herder? Even Game of Thrones?

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    All Men Must Die (in Under Three Minutes): a Game of Thrones Supercut

    Game of Thrones sure has earned its reputation for violence. According to this Digg-produced supercut, there've been an estimated 5,000 deaths over the source of its 30 episodes, and that number's only going to get higher when the fourth season premieres this weekend. Let's take a short, bloody walk down memory lane in the mean-time, shall we?

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    Experience All the Fun of Westeros Without All the Sexism and Violence by Renting Your Own Castle

    So apparently renting castles is a thing that people with exorbitant amounts of money do sometimes, I'm told. And sure, Casterly Rock isn't exactly real or anything, but if you've got more metaphorical gold than the Lannisters, what's to stop you from renting a castle just like theirs for a weekend? Nothing, that's what.

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    Game of Thrones Characters Can Be Hard to Keep Track of… Even For Game of Thrones Characters

    There are a lot of characters to keep track of on Game of Thrones, and that can be a challenge -- even for the characters themselves. At least that's the premise of this animated sketch from podcaster and new @Midnight writer Jordan Morris. One thing's for sure: King Joffrey's still the worst.

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    Game of Thrones Parody of G.I. Joe PSA Parodies Should Be Named King of Parodies

    Somebody mashed up the first season of Game of Thrones with those old (by the Internet's standard, anyway) dubbed G.I. Joe public service announcement parodies by Fensler Films. The end result is pretty spectacular. Now, who wants a body massage? Mmmmm hmmmmmm. Body massage.

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    But Seriously, This Game Of Thrones Parody Album “Shame of Tones” Is Incredible

    Yesterday, we wrote about the music video for a parody song called "Lannista's Paradise," rapped from the POV of Tyrion Lannister. We were led to believe than an entire album would be available, but knowing what today is, we were suspicious. Well, suspise (that's a word, right?) no longer, friends. It's real, and it's spectacular.

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    Spend Most Your Lives Living In a Lannista’s Paradise With This Game Of Thrones Parody

    If you tore through the Game of Thrones mixtape last month and still can't get enough fresh Westerosi beats to satisfy your cravings, then you'll be happy to know that the Sons of Mim are putting out a parody album tomorrow called Shame of Tones -- including one very special version of Coolio's classic track as done by Tyrion Lannister.

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