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    Here Are Some SNES Cartridge Soaps in Case You Need Extra Incentive to Shower

    Video games and water don't mix, which has long meant that you had to choose between your games and activities like showering. Now, with the SNES Gamer Cartridge Soap, you can enjoy a shower and the feeling of rubbing your favorite classic game all over your body at the same time. You already did those things separately, right? Stop looking at us like that.

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    Guy Hacks Classic Game Boy Into Controller For Android Phone Gaming

    Love being able to emulate classic games on your phone but aren't yet sold on the often clumsy control schemes? Well, if you've got some technical know-how, a couple of free hours, and a spare Game Boy from your misspent youth that you don't mind sacrificing on the altar of progress, you can turn that old portable system into a convenient -- and dare we say stylish -- mount for your Android phone that also serves as a controller for all your favorite classic games. Really! There's a video that proves it below.

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    The History of Nintendo Consoles in Two Minutes [Video]

    Nintendo may not be what it once was back in its heyday, but you have to admit that in an industry where game publishers and developers can be here today and gone tomorrow, the company's longevity says plenty. To honor their storied legacy, one group uploaded this fast-paced motion design video taking us down Nintendo memory lane.

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    Turn an Old Game Boy Into a Sweet Analogue Filter

    You love your old Game Boy, don't you? That tank got you through good days and bad, served you for countless hours of Tetris and probably introduced you to your very first Pokémon. It'd be a shame to let it continue to languish in a shoebox in your closet, right? Well the guys at Works LTD. certainly think that'd be a shame, which is why they've launched a Kickstarter to fund their project that lets you turn your old Game Boy into a nifty analogue filter. What more nostalgic musical instrument could you ever want?

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