1. Tech

    High School Gamers Better At Operating Robotic Surgical Equipment Than Surgeons

    Robotic surgical tools are giving doctors more insight and precision into the surgeries they perform than ever before, but with the technology still in its infancy, many surgeons are still struggling to master the skills they need to make the most of robotic surgery equipment. It turns out that surgeons using robots could take a pointer or two from video gamers, who, in a recent study, proved as good or better than their MD bearing counterparts in tests of the skills involved in robot-assisted surgery.

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  2. Gaming

    Study Shows Teenagers Tend to Eat More After Gaming

    A new study by University of Ottawa researcher Jean-Philippe Chaput shows that, apparently, teenagers who spend an hour gaming typically eat more afterwards than teenagers who spend an hour performing a similarly sedentary activity. The study involved plopping teenagers in front of a game console --no word on what they had them play-- and then giving them an open buffet afterwards. The control group did some other, sedentary, mundane activity and were also awarded with an open buffet. I haven't finished this article yet, but I can already tell you that, regrettably, there is no open buffet waiting for me when I finish. What the study found is that the teenagers who were playing games eat, on average, 163 calories more than the teenagers who were doing something else. On top of that, the gamers didn't actually burn any more calories than the control group, so the increased calorie intake wasn't replace the energy spent on all that thumb movement or anything. There were also no biological indicators of stress in these gamers, so that couldn't explain it either. No stress? Seriously, I want to know what they were playing.

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  3. Gaming

    This Is One Dedicated Gamer [Video]

    Playing Ghost Squad, this very dedicated gamer was seen in Bang Kapi Mall in Bangkok, Thailand, mimicking each move his character makes on screen, even ducking down below the arcade unit when his character ducks for cover, rising from the unit's cover at the same time his character does. Not only does he fake reload his fake gun when his character reloads, but he is also wearing camo pants.

    Hey, Dance Dance Revolution players who dance without watching the screen, you now have some competition.

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  4. Gaming

    Unopened Anxiety and the Pile of Shame

    Every gamer has their own private Pile of Shame. That is, everyone has a stack of unplayed, unopened or unfinished games that they tell themselves they will one day get around to playing. For those of us who spend any amount of time working in the gaming editorial business, that pile tends to be exacerbated by unrequested review copies and a tendency to purchase anything and everything on sale. I mean, c’mon, Borderlands: GOTY edition was $7.50 on Steam yesterday. That’s the full game and all the DLC! How could someone resist that? But I digress. There are a number of reasons for the Pile of Shame beyond just the desire to have and hold. As those who were introduced to games as kids grow up, their ability to purchase the ones that they truly desire increases. Unfortunately, this typically corresponds with a distinct lack of free time to play them. Another slightly more perplexing issue is the anxiety that comes from having so many games that it’s nearly impossible to pick one to play, at least, insofar as to give the game the time it really deserves, that players end up not playing anything at all. That or they play something they’re already intimately familiar with instead. My own problem is a little from column A, a little from column B.

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  5. Gaming

    63% of Gamers Think a Firmware Upgrade Will Make Their TV Capable of 3D

    According to a recent poll conducted by Interpret, "a leading entertainment, media and technology measurement and market research firm," 63% of gamers believe video game console firmware updates make their television capable of 3D display. In a related story: Really, guys?

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  6. Gaming

    Gamers Make Equally Accurate Decisions Faster

    A new study from the University of Rochester in New York, that will be published in the upcoming journal Current Biology, has proven something most gamers know, but other people may not: gamers make equally accurate decisions faster than non-gamers.

    The study focused mainly on action games, most likely because that genre of gaming consists of the quickest stimuli and results in the most negative outcome (usually death), finding that gamers develop a higher sensitivity to their surroundings compared to non-gamers. The authors of the study say gamers' fast decision-making comes from gamers having a faster probabilistic inference, which is the process by which the brain forms and refines probabilities, due to the nature of the stimuli in their games.

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  7. Gaming

    Gaming Proves To Be Practice For Controlling Your Dreams

    Leonardo DiCaprio should have done some serious gaming in preparation for his role in the upcoming dream-infiltration flick Inception. According to a recent study be Jayne Gackenbach, a psychologist at Grant MacEwan University in Canada, people who play video games on a regular basis are more likely to achieve lucidity in dreams. But the gamer can only control as much as he or she could control in an actual game. Gackenbach found that gamers could for the most part only take control of themselves, guiding themselves through a world they had no conscious role in constructing. A later study then found that gamers were also less intimidated by nightmares, and would often fight back against the fear.

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