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    GameStick Hits Production Delays Due to Popularity

    The GameStick micro console by PlayJam caught our attention with its wildly popular Kickstarter campaign that netted more than six times its goal of $100,000. It's a clever idea -- placing an entire console on something the size of a flash drive that can be easily plugged into a television's HDMI port. The problem is that GameStick became a little too popular, and not just for gaming hipsters. The huge number of backers means GameStick has had to delay shipment of units for backers until June.

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    GameStick Seeks to Become Most Portable Gaming System Ever

    There are a lot of gaming systems out there, but that won't stop one more system from jumping into the fray. The Android-based GameStick aims to be the most portable gaming system ever, and they've turned to Kickstarter for funding. That seems like a good strategy, considering the OUYA system raised almost $8.5 million on the crowdfunding site for their Android game system. What's especially notable about the GameStick is that the little dongle below the controller in the picture above-- that's the whole system.

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