1. Tech

    So What The Heck Happened At The Google Play Event Last Night?

    We're as frustrated as you that there was no live stream of the Google Play event in New York. But why? What happened to make people get so pumped up for a non-event, so to speak? And did anything interesting actually happen, or was it all just congratulatory hogwash?

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  2. Tech

    Google Might Be Smashing Together Their Chat Platforms Into a New Unified Service

    Google has a lot of platforms with which users can communicate with each other, and I use all of them. They're great, but once you realize you're using multiple applications to accomplish very similar tasks, they all seem a little superfluous. It appears that Google has finally caught on to the unnecessary redundancy, and are reportedly consolidating their chat apps down to one, distilled means of communication, appropriately called "Babble".

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  3. Tech

    Apple Eases iOS Development: Flash Finally Allowed?

    A statement released on Apple's website today explains that they'll be easing up on all iOS developmental tool restrictions.

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