1. Tech

    Facebook Did a Good Thing, Will Allow More Than Male/Female Gender Preferences to Users

    Obviously, you don't need us to tell you that it's hard on the Internet for trans and non-binary people, but it's especially annoying when you sign up for a website and "gender" is one of the first things the registration page asks about. Luckily, Facebook's taking a massive step forward by expanding the options available.

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  2. Gaming

    PBS Game/Show Is Back and They’re Taking a Look at Gender-Bending in Games

    Not all games give you a choice of your character's gender, but some do. When given that choice, some people play as the opposite gender, and PBS Game/Show examines whether or not switching up your gender in a game is weird by examining the different reasons people choose to do it. As always, it's an interesting watch. Check it out.

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  3. Science

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Turns Out We Were All Once Ladies and Ladies [Video]

    Alright, fellas -- anyone out there still troubled by the prospect of getting in touch with their feminine side is officially not only on the wrong side of history, but biology as well. That's because, once upon a time in the womb, every person on the planet started life as a female. The mechanisms behind this drastic change from one gender to another can be pretty difficult to grasp, but the incomparable dry erase board artists of AsapSCIENCE are here once again to unravel these scientific complexities and deliver them in an easily grasped format, with lots of bright colors and pictures.

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  4. Gaming

    Female Avatars in Second Life Wear More Revealing Clothes Than Male Counterparts

    In keeping with trends set by pretty much every video game and adolescent male fantasy in the history of forever, female avatars in the digital realm are more likely to be scantily clad than their male counterparts. That's according to a study of digital fashion in online play space Second Life by researchers at Laval University, who we'd like to thank for reminding us that Second Life is still, apparently, a thing.

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  5. Science

    Study Confirms Men and Women See Things Differently, Blames Evolution

    A study conducted on young adults has concluded that men and women actually do see things differently. This supports the idea that we evolved to support certain hunter-gatherer roles. Men were able to better track fast-moving objects while women distinguished shades of color far more capably. This should provide a decent excuse for husbands when their wives ask for their opinion on a bunch of paint swatches.

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  6. Tech

    The Online Sharing Habits of Men vs. Women [Infographic]

    Ever wonder how men and women differ from each other regarding what they feel is worth showing everyone they know online? Proust, a social memory sharing platform, used data it has been collecting since July about what the two genders share online, and compiled said data into an infographic that holds somewhat surprising information because most of that information is so stereotypical. Women talk more about the parties they've attended and share love songs more than men, whereas men were more likely to divulge that they were "nerdy" and picked on in school. Where both genders find common ground, however, is discussing weddings and careers, as well as self-doubt. Head on past the jump to check out the infographic.

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  7. Tech

    Computers Can Figure Out Your Gender From Your Tweets

    There is an algorithm that can figure out your gender based on your tweets, which might be a bigger deal than you think. Considering that Twitter does not require you to specify your gender, it'd be worthwhile to plenty of people to have a program that can go through and throw users into one pile or the other based on their username and the content of their tweets. Also, it's just cool to see what the data has to say about how girls tweet compared to how guys tweet. Researchers at the Mitre Corporation rounded up a body of Twitter users whose genders could be identified through connections with other sites that indexed gender. They then compiled the information, fed it into the algorithm and found that compared to a base chance rate of 55%, they could guess at an accuracy rate of 66% based on just one tweet, 77% based on just the username and 92% based on all information available.

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  8. Science

    Study: Coffee Makes Women Smarter, Men Slower

    A small study in England has come up with some surprising results, results that we'd really like to see tested on a larger scale. From the Daily Mail:

    They recruited 64 men and women and put them in same-sex pairs. Each pair was given a range of tasks to complete, including carrying out negotiations, completing puzzles and tackling memory challenges, and told they would have to give a public presentation relating to their tasks afterwards.
    Everyone in the study was given decaf coffee to drink, but one coffee cup in each pair was doctored with a shot of caffeine.  The researchers had intended to study the effects disparity in levels of caffeination on teamwork.  Instead, they unexpectedly found that in their groups of 64, women seemed to become smarter after drinking coffee, and men seemed to become dumber.

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  9. Entertainment

    Why Little Girls Get Teased For Liking Star Wars, And Why We Should Care

    Carrie Goldman writes a regular blog about her experience with the adoption process and raising adopted children, but earlier this week she took on the subject of bullying, and shared a story about her daughter Katie. This summer, Katie proudly chose a Star Wars water bottle to go with her Star Wars backpack.  But Goldman found that only a few months into the school year, Katie didn't want to take it with her anymore. From Goldman's post:
    I kept pushing the issue, because it didn't make sense to me. Suddenly, Katie burst into tears. She wailed, "The first grade boys are teasing me at lunch because I have a Star Wars water bottle. They say it's only for boys. Every day they make fun of me for drinking out of it. I want them to stop, so I'll just bring a pink water bottle..."
    (Okay, we don't actually know if Katie had an R2-D2 bottle, but it sure is cool, isn't it?)

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