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    In Memory of Ryan Davis, the Internet’s Own

    It's difficult to describe how deeply affected you can be by the passing of someone you've never actually met. It can even be embarrassing to explain to other people who maybe don't get this whole Internet thing. Screw all that. Ryan Davis was a big part of my life, and I'd venture to guess maybe yours as well, now he's gone, and goddammit I'm crying about it. It's okay if you do too.

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    Quest for Giant Bomb E3 Set Porn Bears Fruit

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo -- E3 for short -- is held in Los Angeles every year, typically in June, and it means that a lot of journalists descend upon the area in short order. This year was no different, and popular gaming site Giant Bomb rented a "professional studio" for some of their coverage. Things got weird, though, and it quickly became apparent that what they were renting was actually the set for a bunch of pornography. Yeah.

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    Welcome to the Internet: Gamewise Caught Straight Up Ripping Content From Giant Bomb

    Plagiarism is something that's become a mainstay on the Internet. Why do your own work when you can just lift it from somewhere else? Nobody's going to find out. That is, until they do. Gamewise, called "the IMDb of video games" by Huffington Post, has been getting slammed over at the Giant Bomb forums. Why? Turns out that a rather suspicious number of Gamewise articles, images, and other tidbits appear to have been lifted straight from Giant Bomb. Oops.

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    Hungry for Skyrim? Watch This 12 Hour Gameplay Livestream

    You're from the Internet. You know people are rabid about Skyrim. Chances are, you're rabid about it yourself. It may not come out until tomorrow, but as of now, right now -- this very second -- there is a 12 hour gameplay livestream being played by Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games and hosted by Giant Bomb. You may not want to see it if you're going to play it yourself, but then again, can you resist? The stream just started around 11am, so it's not too late to hop in and just take a little peak. You know, watch for 5 minutes or so, and then realize an hour has gone by. Wait, what time is it?

    Stream after the jump.

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