1. Science

    The Mythbusters Explain How Superman Shaves, Try to One-Up Bill Nye

    In 2003 my mother said, "There's this new show you'd probably like. It's got people doing science and explosions to test myths." She was of course talking about Mythbusters, and she was absolutely right about my liking it. I love it when people do science and explosions, and I'm pretty confident most folks that read Geekosystem do too. That's why I jumped at the chance to interview Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage for Gillette's How Does He Shave? campaign.

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  2. Science

    Mayim Bialik Wants to Rub Lotion on Superman for Science

    Gillette really wants to know how Superman shaves his beard in Man of Steel, and they've turned to some of the best minds in geekdom to figure it out. One of those minds belongs to The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik. She happens to be the only woman they asked about Superman's shaving habits, but she's also the only one who earned her PhD. Take that, gentlemen.

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  3. Science

    Bill Nye Explains His Superman Shaving Theory, Officially Becomes Friends With Geekosystem

    Bill Nye is a national treasure. He's who I'd imagine Superman would actually turn to solve a problem like shaving, so it's a no-brainer to see him included in the Gillette campaign to figure out how the Last Son of Krypton loses his beard in Man of Steel. I had the chance to speak with him about his scientific approach to Kryptonian shaving, and then we became friends.

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  4. Entertainment

    My Day-Long 15-Minute Interview With Kevin Smith About Superman’s Beard

    Last week, I had the immense pleasure of interviewing filmmaker Kevin Smith about his theory of how Superman shaves as part of the Gillette How Does The Man of Steel Shave? campaign. I was only supposed to talk to Kevin for 15 minutes, but ended up spending the better part of the day with him talking about Superman, filmmaking, Clerks 3, and Kickstarter.

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  5. Entertainment

    Gillette Teams Up With Geek Celebs to Wonder About Superman’s Shaving Techniques [Video]

    It might not have occurred to you while watching the Man of Steel trailer that since Clark Kent is depicted as having a beard in one shot, at some point he had to learn how to shave -- which would probably be incredibly difficult considering the strength of his hair follicles. Razor company Gillette has definitely picked up on this, of course. They've launched a tie-in marketing campaign to postulate about how the Last Son of Krypton manages to look so clean-shaven all the time, and they've enlisted the help of Bill Nye, Mayim Bialik, Kevin Smith,and the Mythbusters to do it.

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  6. Weird

    Gillette Writes World’s Smallest Ad on Whisker

    In a move that defies all conventions of ad design, razor maker Gillette has created the world's smallest advertisement. Using an electron microscope, an ion etching device, and some University of Nottingham scientists, Gillete wrote a series of ads smaller than 100 micron on whiskers shaved with their razors. Once completed, the Guinness Book of World Records was called in and confirmed that these are, indeed, the smallest ads yet created. Wanting to appeal to an audience larger than dust mites, Gillette used images of the hairs as part of a larger campaign. They've even placed several of the etched hairs in airport mens' rooms with QR codes linking to images of the ad. Read on after the break for a video on how these tiny, tiny ads were made.

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