1. Entertainment

    We’re Giving Away a Copy of Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher! Here’s the Trailer to Get You Pumped

    Age of Ultron is still over a year away, but there's more Avengers action to be had in the meantime with Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher, the new animated feature from Marvel out now. Check out this trailer featuring Black Widow and Punisher and get real excited because we're giving away a copy!

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  2. Tech

    Win a Polaroid Camera or Other Prizes From GE and Polaroid as Part of the “22 Days of Invention” Celebration

    GE is in the middle of their 22 Days of Invention campaign, and we're on board. Today, they've partnered with Polaroid on the anniversary of the first instant camera patent to give away a Polaroid and more than 100 other prizes. Here's how to win!

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  3. Entertainment

    Make up Your Own Spell and Enter to Win Prizes from the Harry Potter Gift Guide

    Christmastime is approaching, and while shopping for other geeks isn't the worst thing ever, it can still be hard to pick out exactly the right present. Warner Brothers wants to make things easier this holiday season for with their Harry Potter Gift Guide, and they're giving away presents from this year's guide to one lucky Geekoreader.

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  4. Entertainment

    Give Us Your Best “Swear To Me!!!” and You Could Win The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

    Our friends at Warner Bros. are hooking us up with some copies of The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition and we're giving them away. All you have to do is Tweet a Vine of yourself screaming "Swear to me!!!" in your best Batman voice for our entertainment. Details after the jump.

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  5. Entertainment

    Take Your Doctor Who Knowledge to the Next Level With Our Who-Ology: The Official Miscellany Giveaway

    Today BBC Books has released a complete compendium of Doctor Who knowledge titled Who-Ology: The Official Miscellany here in the United States. You can rush right out and buy it -- or you can win one of three copies we have to give away! We even have an exclusive excerpt from the book just for our readers! Sorry about all the exclamation points. I just really like Doctor Who and giving stuff away.

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  6. Entertainment

    Geekosystem’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Novel Giveaway

    BBC Books just released eleven Doctor Who novels in the United States to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the show. That's one book per Doctor, if you're counting. You could run out right now and buy them all, or you can tell us which one you'd read first and win your choice of the lot courtesy of our friends at BBC Books.

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  7. Entertainment

    Marvel #1 Tries Again: 700 Free Digital Downloads Available Until Midnight Tomorrow Night

    We got mad psyched a few weeks ago when Marvel tried to offer free digital downloads of 700 titles from their current and past runs. Well, the giveaway didn't quite work. The servers were overwhelmed by the surge and everything slogged to a halt because, hey, free stuff. Now it's take two: Marvel's trying again to hook you with the offer of up to 700 first-issue downloads, but rather than making it a crazy free-for-all, fans need to sign up on ComiXology's special promotions page -- assuming they can keep that page working. Oh, and you've got less than two days to get in on this.

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  8. Gaming

    Geekosystem’s BioShock Infinite Giveaway

    It's almost time to take to the skies, folks. The floating city of Columbia is calling. Are you ready to face another BioShock video game? Thanks to the good folks at Appliances Online we've got four copies of BioShock Infinite to give away.

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  9. Entertainment

    Marvel Offers 700 Free Digital 1st Issues, But You May Need To Be Patient Downloading Them

    It looks like Marvel may have underestimated just how much people like free stuff. At SXSW this weekend, the publisher announced they would be offering digital downloads of the first issues of 700 titles from the company's current run, as well as their storied past. Sounds like a pretty great deal, right? Well, you're not alone in thinking that -- so many people agree with you, in fact, that as I type this, links to the giveaway on both digital comic clearinghouse Comixology and Marvel's in-house digital comic shop are overwhelmed with traffic and not so much working.

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  10. Weird

    Win a Free Ingersoll Watch, Here’s How!

    Winter is on its way, and if you're looking for something to keep one of your wrists warm -- since you obviously suffer from a very specific medical condition in which only one of your wrists gets cold -- TouchOfModern and Ingersoll are providing one watch with which we can make all your dreams of winning an awesome free watch come true. Entering into the giveaway is super simple and painless, and you'd pretty much be wasting your time not entering, so head on past the jump and enter the giveaway before you feel silly for doing something else instead of that.

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  11. Tech

    Win a Free Tokyoflash Watch of Your Choice! Here’s How

    We've written about them before, and drooled over them every single time. Now, you can join in on the awe and win yourself a free Tokyoflash watch! Thanks to the awesome people over at Tokyoflash, one lucky person can win one watch of his or her choice from their catalog, but there's a catch! You have to accurately tell us what time a few watches read. Check out the rest of the details below the break, and then get to entering our giveaway.

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  12. Weird

    Want to Win a Free T-Shirt of Your Choice? Make a Caption for This Picture

    You guys like shirts, right? You know, that thing you drape over the back of your chair because you only wore it for four hours that day and really can't warrant throwing it in the laundry already? But then you just leave it draped over your chair for days and keep leaning against it because you use your chair quite frequently, and the it eventually gets wrinkled and dirty enough to the point where you just decide to throw it in the laundry anyway? You want a free one? was awesome enough to provide us with five t-shirt giveaways, just for you! All you have to do is create a caption for the above picture and drop it into the comment section of this post, and we'll choose the winner, judging the caption on a combination of creativity and relevance to the picture. Head on past the break for more details, and to leave us your own caption for a chance to win a free shirt. They have some nice shirts over there, including these superhero t-shirts, so you should take the minute and try your hand at a caption.

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  13. Weird

    We’re Giving Away Two Droid Charges, Here’s How to Win

    Hot on the heels of our $25 giftcard t-shirt giveaway (the winners for that will be announced soon), we have another fairly painless to participate in, pretty awesome giveaway. We have two Droid Charges just sitting around, being protected by our Pirates pieces. If you'd like to have a chance to win a new Droid Charge, complete with stalwart factory screen protector standing vigilant over the pretty screen, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook, and we'll pick one winner from our pool of Twitter followers and one winner from our pool of Facebook followers and give them one Droid Charge each. You will only be eligible for one Droid Charge, but following us on both platforms will increase your odds of winning one, by way of fancy numerical magic. When the winners are chosen, we will contact them on the platform on which their winning entry was chosen. Also, do not worry, current Geekosystem followers, you're already entered in the drawing.

    Sounds simple, right? At this point, you might be narrowing your eyes and cautiously whispering "Too simple," while looking around for the flanking velociraptor, but rest assured, we're not the clever girl in this scenario. You'd be the clever girl for attempting to win a sweet new phone by expending the small amount of energy it takes to perform a few clicks. You want to have the same status as a velociraptor, don't you?

    So, the TL;DR of it is, if you want to win a sweet new Droid Charge (minus the pirate protectors), courtesy of Samsung, follow Geekosystem on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

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  14. Sponsored

    We’re Giving Away Two Sets of ReBoot Season 1 & 2 DVDs

    Remember ReBoot? That awesome Saturday morning cartoon show about the world within computers? You know, the one that made history because it was the first half-hour fully computer-animated television series? Remember how it was actually good, even including the horrifying series ending? Well, if you don't remember, or want to brush up on your ReBoot, the fine folks over at Shout! Factory supplied us with two sets of ReBoot Season 1 & 2 DVDs to give away to you, our loyal, obviously attractive readers, but there's a catch: The world of Mainframe was filled with physical manifestations of the bits and bobs within a computer. For instance, Bob is a Guardian, which basically translates to the system's antivirus or maintenance tool. Ray Tracer is a fella who surfed around the Net and the Web on a floating surf board, which translates to a search engine. So, if you want to win a totally alpha numeric ReBoot Season 1 & 2 DVD set, here's what you must do: How to Enter to Win: Create one character or place with a modern day computing staple and tell us how it'd fit into the world of ReBoot. What kind of person would Twitter, Facebook or Photoshop be? Would Foursquare be a villain? Would free-to-play MMOs be a slum? Would memes be fast food chains? Send us a few sentences following the above guidelines, we'll judge using our very advanced system of metrics and submetrics, and hopefully, you'll win! Post your entries on our Facebook page, pray to Phong and hope for the best.

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  15. Sponsored

    Giveaway: Cowboys & Aliens Comics

    Friends, we here at Geekosystem believe in sharing the love. That's why we're giving away five copies of the Cowboys and Aliens comic book that inspired the movie to you, our gentle readers. But if you want one of these handsome hardbacks, you're going to have to fight for it. Update, 2/25: Well, this is pretty awesome: Platinum Studios, the comics-to-film company behind the adaptation of Cowboys and Aliens, has sweetened the pot on our giveaway by offering a copy of Cowboys & Aliens signed by series creator Scott Rosenberg as a grand prize for one lucky winner. Go to for official news and fan info on the film, and also check out Platinum Studios on Facebook and Twitter. Everyone who has applied up to this point is eligible; if you haven't applied yet, the contest deadline is 2/28. The game is simple. Head over to our Facebook page and tell us what improbable but awesome match-up you'd like to see made into a movie. The possibilities are limitless:

    • Robots and samurai
    • Zombies and basilisks
    • Mega Shark and Giant Octopus vs. Sharktopus
    • Godzilla and my kitchen radiator
    • Sherlock Holmes and the 1999 Detroit Red Wings
    But we want to hear your ideas. Give us your unnatural (or surprisingly natural) pairing, and you could take home a copy of Cowboys and Aliens.

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