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    Sooooo Gmail Is Down, Huh [Updating]

    Don't anybody freak out, but as of about 30 minutes ago, Gmail is down due to a "likely service disruption." We're not sure why, but Twitter is very upset about it right now, and when Twitter is upset, Twitter likes to make jokes.

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    Google Now Allows Anyone on Google+ to Email Your Gmail without Your Address, Here’s How to Disallow That

    The latest in a series of changes, Google has allowed anyone on Google+ to send emails to Gmail accounts. It's OK, though. There's a solution that does not involve hiding from your email for the rest of your life to avoid spam. Like the recent change to image display settings, the Google+ email feature is easily turned off.

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    Gmail Now Automatically Displays Images, Here’s What to Do if That Fills You with Malware Paranoia

    If the reaction to recent changes to YouTube or any of Facebook's layout changes ever are any indication, people really don't like change on the Internet, which makes it hard to change even minor things for the better. Google has changed Gmail to display images by default, but don't post a video rant about it just yet—it's easy to change back.

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    New Tool Can Tell How Much Your Email’s Worth to Hackers

    Now that everyone is nice and freaked out about the NSA stealing all of their data, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a program to determine how much the data in your Gmail account is worth -- not to the government, but to the hackers that target such accounts, in case anyone forgot that this is still an issue.

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    Gmail Doesn’t Want Outlook Stealing Its Thunder, So It Redesigned Your Inbox

    Is inbox management really as much of a problem as email providers seem to make it out to be? I get between 50 and 100 daily emails on the reg, and I don't find myself struggling for a better way to manage them. Outlook just relaunched with a promise of a cleaner, easier to care for inbox, so naturally Gmail announced yesterday an inbox redesign with similar goals.

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    Google Continues To Streamline, Combines Gmail, Google+, and Drive Storage Space

    It's silly to have multiple storage locations for your various Google products, and Google seems to have finally realized that. They've combined user storage between Gmail, Drive, and Google+ to give you 15 GB of combined storage in one common place. At the very least, that's convenient for users, but if you're like me and don't use a lot of space with Gmail or Google+ then Google just upgraded your Drive account to 15 GB for free. Hooray!

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    Here’s Why Gmail and Google Chrome Had Issues Yesterday

    We panicked along with everyone else yesterday when Gmail went down. Without email, how would we find out about all the new T-shirt designs and Kickstarter campaigns that are happening? It was maddening. Sure, the outage only lasted about 20 minutes, but it really messed up a very brief part of our day, and even included issues with Google Chrome, and we want answers. Thankfully, Google engineer Tim Steele has them.

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    Gmail Makes 10GB Email Attachments Possible With Google Drive

    Google is all about combining their services. Sometimes that's frustrating, but sometimes it's actually pretty convenient. Like when Google makes sending 10 GB email attachments possible by combining Gmail and Google Drive. By making their email and cloud storage services work together, Google has made send files via email useful again. Get ready to start spamming your friends with extended director's cut version of your cat videos.

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    Old Dogs, Old Tricks: David Petraeus Used a Tactic Known for Years to Hide His Extramarital Emails

    If you're trying to hide an extramarital affair, and you're the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, it's probably a good idea to use a method that hasn't been publicly known for years. Another good step would be avoiding a service, like Gmail, managed by a company that's been known to hand over information to the government when pressured. Perhaps David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell thought they were above all that, or perhaps they somehow didn't care, but the trick they used to hide their emails is old enough to have been included in a 2005 PBS special.

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    Gmail Finally Overthrows Hotmail, Now World’s Largest Email Provider

    Though it might be a surprise to some, Gmail hasn't always been the juggernaut it currently is. In fact, the email service wasn't even the largest email provider in the world until very recently. Though the search engine giant had claimed the title for itself this past summer, third-party data didn't back up the company's assertion until just now. comScore's set of email data for October shows Gmail finally toppling the reign of Hotmail. A second takeaway from this is that people still use Hotmail for some reason.

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    Iran Only Blocked Gmail Because They Couldn’t Figure Out How to Just Block YouTube

    It appears that Iran has today pulled back the block it had in place on Gmail, which the country put in place a week ago. We'd originally suggested that Iran didn't truly understand the implications of their action, but it seems that they totally did: They just didn't know how to stop it. That anti-Islam clip was the intended target, but the country didn't know how to only block YouTube. To be fair, this type of digital incompetence is present universally, but it's more prevalent in countries prone to censorship.

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    Google’s The Story of Send Shows the Journey of an Email [Video]

    If you're anything like we Geekosystem editors, you probably imagine the terrible lengths each and every single one of your emails must go through to get to its recipient; the little guy traveling through muddy ditches, through dark, isolated forests filled with dangerous wild beasts, killing any and all other rogue emails that cross its path. Just so you can reply to that office memo with a smiley emoticon. Google Green is here to tell us that no emails are harmed in the sending of an email, and have explained the whole process with the above cutesy animation.

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    Gmail Experiencing Scattered Outages [UPDATED]

    A good portion of folks on Twitter, as well as Google itself, are reporting scattered Gmail outages. We aren't experiencing any problems here at Geekosystem, but it seems that many of the service's users are finding themselves temporarily separated from their inboxes. Given how widely Gmail has been adopted for not only personal but also business purposes, the outages could cause some serious problems if they persist. At the moment, Google is looking into the problem. More as the story develops.

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    Microsoft Prods at Google With New Gmail Man Video

    In light of Google's new privacy policy changes, Microsoft has released a jab at Google in the form of a new Gmail Man video ironically, as I'm sure you'll note, hosted on Google-owned YouTube. Whether you agree with the Microsoft ad --because it is an ad, after all-- or not, it's hard not to appreciate the that little girl's expression when she finds out where ads come from. Personally, I think everyone is over-reacting anyways. I hardly ever say anything important over gmail anyways; I usually use GChat, or text from my Android phone. Whatever. Come over here Big Brother! Gimme a big hug!

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    The Logo for Gmail Was Designed the Night Before Gmail Launched

    Taking a cue from jaded high school students and most college students, it turns out the Gmail logo was designed the night before Gmail launched. According to a post on Quora, Google designer from 2003 to 2008 Kevin Fox said that Gmail logo designer Dennis Hwang was up designing the logo literally the night before the product launched.

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