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    SXSW Godzilla Footage Shows New “Antagonist”

    Among the long list of things we missed out on because we're not at SXSW like our Senior Editor Glen Tickle comes this new revelation: a screening of the original 1954 Godzilla with Gareth Edwards, at which he leaked some new never-before-seen footage from the upcoming 2014 film. Spoilers after the jump.

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    We Finally Have A Close-Up Image Of Godzilla And He Looks Sufficiently Terrifying

    The last few Godzilla trailers have been great and all, but has anyone else been uncomfortably reminded of the 1998 movie trailers? You know, how they built so much suspense not showing the monster in anything, all to have it end up looking like a really awkward iguana? No worries, friends. This Empire cover will assuage your fears.

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  3. Entertainment

    The Official Trailer for Godzilla Is Here, and It Looks Amazing

    Finally! After leaked teaser trailers, actual teaser trailers, and a tease of Godzilla's roar that made us pee a bit, we've got a full length trailer featuring a really angry Bryan Cranston, lots of destruction footage, and a little more insight into what shape the movie's story will take. Feel free to watch and get really, really excited with us.

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  4. Entertainment

    Hear Godzilla Roar in New Sound Clip From the Movie

    Honestly, if this was the only marketing they did for the Godzilla reboot, I'd still be 100% on board. That roar.

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  5. Entertainment

    New Godzilla Gets a Comic Book Prequel Co-Authored by the Screenwriter

    We're looking forward to the Godzilla remake and can't wait until May 16th to see it, but we won't have to -- sort of. Impatient fans can get an early look at the new King of Monsters in a prequel graphic novel from Legendary's comics division. The book was co-written by the film's screenwriter Max Borenstein.

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  6. Gaming

    Latest 8-Bit Cinema Video Stars Godzilla Beating up Other Famous Movie Monsters

    The first official Godzilla trailer made a big splash last week when it was finally released online, but we can't help but prefer this low-graphics version by CineFix, which pits Godzilla against King Kong, a Rancor beast, and even the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Man, is there somewhere we can actually play this game? That would be amazing.

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  7. Entertainment

    We Finally Have An Actual Godzilla Teaser Trailer, For Real This Time

    We're guessing that you, like us, saw the bootlegged proof of concept trailer for Godzilla that featured a voiceover taken from Robert Oppenheimer's famous Bhagavad Gita-quoting speech. This new trailer doesn't quite become death, destroyer of worlds for us like that one did, but it was definitely worth the long wait nonetheless.

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  8. Entertainment

    Snoop Lion Now Goes by Snoopzilla — We’ve Got 5 More Awesome Name Ideas for Him

    For his upcoming funk album, Snoop Lion has changed his name yet again. We were hoping he would go for Hangin' with Mr. Snooper, but he decided to make our day by dubbing himself Snoopzilla. Yup, he really mixed his name together with Godzilla. Gentlemen, start your Photoshop.

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  9. Entertainment

    Development of New Godzilla an Unnecessary Mess of Petty Disputes and Rewrites

    Did you just feel the ground shake violently beneath your feet? Hear that deafening roar from off in the distance? As much as we wish we could say it's Godzilla, those tremors and bellowing are actually coming from an even more monstrous abomination: Legendary Pictures. Production for the highly anticipated return of everyone's favorite king of kaiju hasn't even started and already the studio is being stymied by one self-imposed speed bump after another. From the studio playing a tedious game of musical chairs with film writers to petty internal disputes, we'd be fortunate to even get 5 minutes of leaked grainy Godzilla footage uploaded to YouTube at the rate things are currently going -- which is assuming that everybody at Legendary Pictures can wrap their heads around a grown-up word called compromise.

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  10. Entertainment

    This Weekend Was Kaiju-Tastic at Comic-Con, Sneak Peeks of Godzilla and Pacific Rim

    San Diego Comic-Con is always a time for big announcements, but few could be bigger than those surrounding the upcoming Godzilla reboot and Guillermo del Toro's giant robots vs. monsters movie Pacific Rim. Both feature baddies on an enormous scale, and both draw from a long tradition of Japanese cinema. They also sound really, really exciting.

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  11. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks 7/25: All Comic Con, All The Time

    SDCC Captain America Clip Had Thor Mention (Bleeding Cool) Abin Sur Lies In State (Comic Book Resources) Godzilla Redesign (io9) Seth Rogan Talks Green Hornet 3D (Cinema Blend) Neil Patrick Harris in Cast of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Comics Alliance) Harrison Ford's First Trip To Comic Con (The LA Times) Marvel Studios Regains Rights to The Punisher (Comic Book Resources) (picture via The National Post.)

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  12. Entertainment

    Godzilla Set to Wreak Havoc Once More in New Movie

    Godzilla is officially ready to destroy the 21st century. As first reported in August 2009 by Bloody Disgusting, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have finally struck a deal to release a full-force, CGI/special effects-laden Godzilla reboot. Says Legendary CEO Thomas Tull:
    "Godzilla is one of the world's most powerful pop culture icons, and we at Legendary are thrilled to be able to create a modern epic based on this long-loved Toho franchise. Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see. We intend to do justice to those essential elements that have allowed this character to remain as pop-culturally relevant for as long as it has."

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