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    France Sues Google Over Autocomplete’s Pairing of Names with “Jewish”

    Google's autocomplete can be a very handy feature, but it's also getting them into more and more trouble. Due to what you might consider "unfortunate" or maybe even "libelous" pairings, a Japanese court has ordered Google to shut down their autocomplete feature, and an Italian man has filed a suit of his own. Now, a French anti-discrimination group is getting in on the action too. SOS Racisme is suing Google over autocomplete results not because they cast subjects in a negative light, but rather because they suggest that subjects of certain searches are Jewish.

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  2. Tech

    Mark Zuckerberg’s Not-Too-Positive Google Autocomplete Suggestions Used to Sell Self-Help Books

    Mark Zuckerberg has been called many things -- a punk, a genius, a traitor, a billionaire -- but he's also been called some unkinder things, and not just by people trying to promote some movie, but by random people searching Google. Publisher Exclusive Books makes a point of this fact in this ad for self-help books: All of the above are actual popular Google searches that follow "Mark Zuckerberg is." To those who think that he's a thieving colorblind loser Antichrist, Zuckerberg is still "doing things that no one in this room, including and especially [you], are intellectually or creatively capable of doing." (via Copyranter)

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