1. Tech

    Someone Made a Black Market Search Engine That Looks Just Like Google

    Google is great and all, but Grams, a Google look-alike search engine that offers a listing of reliable sources for illicit materials, is the most comprehensive way to find all things illegal. Drugs, weapons, Vampire Blood (probably), it's all there. Or, you know, that's what my friend told me.

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  2. Tech

    Find a Perfect Nap Location With the Google Naps Parody

    Everything in entertainment has been done already, and there's no original thought left, so I guess it's time to start making parody software. Some people in the Netherlands agree, and they had the brilliant idea to create Google Naps, which uses Google Maps to show convenient places to catch some shut-eye.

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  3. Tech

    Google’s Impossibly Cool Global Forest Watch Gives You A Front Seat To Tree Murders

    If a tree falls in the forest, thanks to Google, everyone will hear it now--or at least watch it happen in near real-time from their computer screens. Global Forest Watch is an anxiety inducing new website that allows you to monitor logging and burning of the world's forests using images from NASA satellites. The Lorax would be proud.

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  4. Science

    Call Harvey Birdman, the World’s Largest Solar Power Plant Is Melting Birds

    The world's largest solar power plant located in California, which started generating power just last week, is a beautiful sight, because it uses mirrors to focus the heat in sunlight instead of solar cells. It's so beautiful, in fact, that birds are drawn to it and then melted by the extreme heat.

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  5. Tech

    Google Glass Valentines Day Proposal Video Is Romantic, Awful

    This week the good folks at Google decided to capitalize on Valentines Day, with a compilation video of Google Glass "explorers" popping the question. The result is manipulative, weird, creepy, sweet, and probably not an effective advertisement. It also answers the question: can you kiss wearing Google's latest technology? (Yes, but awkwardly.)

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  6. Tech

    Today’s Google Doodle Plays This American Life Love Stories

    Today on Google: Love in six acts. To celebrate Valentine's Day, Google has enlisted the help of Ira Glass and his radio show This American Life to compile six love stories than can be played by clicking on the individual hearts that make up today's Google Doodle. They're not long, but they are adorable.

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  7. Tech

    Google Buying Historic NASA Properties, Including a Giant Blimp Hangar

    Google announced yesterday that as part of their plan for universal domination, Google will be taking over The Moffet Federal Airfield and Hangar One from NASA. Everyone prepare yourself accordingly for the coming totalitarian regime.

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  8. Tech

    Google Takes a Subtle Dig at Russia’s Anti-Gay Policies With Olympic Doodle

    Google seems to have taken a stand on the right side of history when it comes to their Google Doodle celebrating the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Along with the stylized images of some of the games, they've also included a quote from the Olympic Charter that talks about discrimination. Well played, Google.

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  9. Uncategorized

    Google’s Mystery Barge Might Be Homeless Now

    The future portable showroom that Google recently docked at a former navy base in the San Francisco Bay (or as it's better known, the Google Mystery Barge) might have to be cast off, according to officials. Why? Because they don't have the proper permits.

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  10. Tech

    Google Just Bought An Artificial Intelligence Company, Might As Well Surrender Now

    Since December, Google has been picking up robotics companies all over the place, including the super-terrifying Boston Dynamics, and the DARPA robot olympics-winning SCHAFT. We couldn't have thees robots annihilate the human race without brains, though, so Google has acquired Artificial Intelligence start-up DeepMind for about $500 million.

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  11. Tech

    Meet Downworthy, the Chrome App That Fixes Clickbaity Headlines For The Better

    We might as well just come to terms with the fact that Upworthy-style "You won't believe what happens next!!!" kind of headlines are the wave of the future. I mean, even CNN's doing it now. Best just accept it and move on, right? Or we could filter them out with honest headlines, of course. That's where the new Downworthy app comes in.

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  12. Tech

    Sooooo Gmail Is Down, Huh [Updating]

    Don't anybody freak out, but as of about 30 minutes ago, Gmail is down due to a "likely service disruption." We're not sure why, but Twitter is very upset about it right now, and when Twitter is upset, Twitter likes to make jokes.

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  13. Tech

    Google Now Allows Anyone on Google+ to Email Your Gmail without Your Address, Here’s How to Disallow That

    The latest in a series of changes, Google has allowed anyone on Google+ to send emails to Gmail accounts. It's OK, though. There's a solution that does not involve hiding from your email for the rest of your life to avoid spam. Like the recent change to image display settings, the Google+ email feature is easily turned off.

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  14. Tech

    Gmail Now Automatically Displays Images, Here’s What to Do if That Fills You with Malware Paranoia

    If the reaction to recent changes to YouTube or any of Facebook's layout changes ever are any indication, people really don't like change on the Internet, which makes it hard to change even minor things for the better. Google has changed Gmail to display images by default, but don't post a video rant about it just yet—it's easy to change back.

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  15. Tech

    Google Banished Lyrics Site Rap Genius from Search Results for Shady SEO Tricks

    Rap Genius, a site that allows users to annotate song lyrics to provide insight into their meaning, irritated Google with some shady tricks to get higher placement in search results. So Google banished them to the wasteland that is anything that doesn't show up in the first few search results pages, because they pretty much own the Internet.

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