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  1. Science

    NASA and Its Twitter Accounts are Back! Read Their Welcome Back Tweets Right Here

    The government shutdown has ended! That's great news for a lot of reasons, but one of the things we're most excited about is the return of all the NASA Twitter accounts to our feed. We've pulled together a few of the welcome back Tweets from some of the many, many NASA accounts.

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  2. Weird

    Fox Allowed To Roam Freely On The White House Lawn Due To Government Shutdown

    Ever since the government first shut down, all of the White House groundskeepers have been forbidden from tending to the White House lawn or to Michelle Obama's famous Kitchen Garden. In their absence, a fox has taken up residence at the White House, and nobody can catch him because legally they're not allowed.

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  3. Science

    NASA Prohibited From Doing Science During Shutdown, Parody Twitter Account Rises to Fill Science Gap

    As part of the government shutdown, NASA scientists are prohibited from doing science. A Twitter parody account of the Mars Curiosity rover, @SarcasticRover, doesn't think that's fair. So she announced this week the start of the #ShutdownScienceClub and she's encouraging everyone to #DoAScience and tweet a photo. Get to it!

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  4. Space

    Watching This Small Child Crying Over the Shutdown NASA Website Is the Actual Saddest Thing Ever [Video]

    According to his mother, a newscaster named Ybeth Bruzual, this little guy went to play his favorite online games on and got very upset when he discovered that it was gone. It's the look on his face when Bruzual attempts to explain the government shutdown that really hits us the hardest. We feel his pain. His adorable, adorable pain.

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  5. Science

    There’s a Salmonella Outbreak Being Reported and The CDC Is Still Shut Down

    Good news for people who hate knowing how a foodborne illness travels across state borders! Last night the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the US Department of Agriculture announced a reported 278 cases of illness in 18 states caused by Salmonella Heidelberg in chicken, and there's nothing the CDC can do about it because it's closed.

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  6. Tech

    This Website Tells You Whether or not the Government Is Shut Down, and Almost Nothing Else

    There's been a lot of talk about the United States government shutdown this month. What if you're sick of hearing about it, but still want to know whether or not the government is shut down? We've found a website that simply tells you whether or not the government is shut down, and nothing else. Alright, there's a little more to it, but not much.

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  7. Tech

    Oxford University Press Will Provide Free Access To Online Content During Government Shutdown

    One of the biggest problems of the government shutdown -- you know, in addition to millions not getting benefits on time and child cancer patients being refused treatment -- is that academics aren't able to access the information found in federally funded D.C. libraries. You know who's got a solution for that? Oxford University Press, that's who.

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  8. Weird

    National Weather Service Hides Cryptic Message In Forecast

    The National Weather Service may catch a lot of heat (heh) for their sometimes-inaccurate meteorological predictions, but they'll get nothing but sympathy for their latest forecast. Hidden in their morning forecast on Friday Oct. 4 was a cryptic message that reveals the current emotional temperature of the NWS.

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  9. Tech

    The Curiosity Rover’s Gone Rogue On Twitter Thanks To a Delightful New Parody Account

    Due to the government shutdown, none of NASA's social media accounts will be responding to tweets for the foreseeable future. Mere minutes after the official Curiosity Rover went dark, a new challenger stepped up to take its place -- @RogueCuriosity. We want to be her best friend.

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  10. Tech

    Google Doodle Celebrates The Anniversary of Yosemite Park, Which Was Also Shut Down

    It's Yosemite National Park's 123rd birthday today! Ahh, yes, the majesty of Yosemite. Won't it be nice to take a trip down there to -- wait, what's that? It's closed because of the government shutdown? Oh. Well, that didn't stop Google from celebrating, at least.

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  11. Weird

    Now That The Government’s Shut Down, Here’s What’s Still Currently Running

    If you live in the United States and you're reading this right now, then you currently have no government. But that doesn't mean there's going to be panic in the streets (although there probably should be). Here what will still be up and running, just in case you were getting any ideas about starting a revolution or something.

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  12. Space

    It’s NASA’s 55th Birthday, and the Government Shutdown Is Ruining It

    Did your parents ever forget your birthday? More aptly, did you parents ever get in a massive childish fight the night before, and then completely shut down your family on your birthday? NASA turns 55 today, but the government shutdown means they won't be celebrating publicly.

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