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    Turn Los Santos Into Rapture With This City-Sinking GTAV Mod For PS3

    Grand Theft Auto V is so expansive, I feel like you could play it endlessly and never get bored. But what if you've played it so much that the only thing left for you to do is to mess with the game so thoroughly that it becomes an awesome Bioshock hybrid? Enter the GTAV Tsunami mod.

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    5 Things We Learned at the NYCC GTAV Panel

    Yesterday, Geekosystem was able to hit IGN's GTAV panel at New York Comic Con, and it was probably the raddest thing of all time. Hosted by IGN's Greg Miller, GTAV actors Ned Luke (Michael), Steven Ogg (Trevor), and Shawn "Solo" Fonteno (Franklin) took the stage, and the gamers went wild. Here's what we learned (see, GTAV can be educational!)

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    This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Guy Claims That GTAV Made Him Want To Steal Actual Cars

    Another day, another person complaining that video games make people do violent stuff -- except this time it's not a member of congress but an actual person who did violent stuff and got caught. Man, you know you're screwed when your best defense comes from a very special episode of Law and Order: SVU.

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    Watch Conan Attempt to Play Grand Theft Auto V and Fail Spectacularly [VIDEO]

    You might have heard that Grand Theft Auto 5 was released this week; probably because basically every single person in the world (myself included) bought a copy, and the game has already made over one billion dollars. In just one day, Rockstar made more money than the daily GDP of Singapore.

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    The Easter Egg To End All Grand Theft Auto Easter Eggs Has Officially Been Found in GTAV

    Mild spoilers for those of you who haven't finished playing the game -- though if you're a longtime fan of the series, you probably know the exact Easter Egg we're talking about.

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    Here’s the First Gameplay Video for Grand Theft Auto V, Feel Free to Commence Drooling [Video]

    Look, Rockstar makes some very lovely video games, but prior to the announcement of Grand Theft Auto V, I was pretty much done with the franchise. What more could they do after the last one, right? That's what I thought. Then the first gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V dropped this morning, and now all I want to do is play it. Right now.

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    Fans Piece Together Grand Theft Auto V Map, Try to Wait Patiently for Release

    Rockstar has already promised that Grand Theft Auto V will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, and San Andreas combined, but it's not just about the size: It's how they use it, and right now, it looks like players will have plenty of space should they want to get away from the rush of the city. Fans of the upcoming game have constructed a full map of the game's world well before its September release.

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    New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Shows Off the Game’s Three Protagonists [Video]

    It's finally here, folks. The trailer for Grand Theft Auto V that Rockstar has been teasing with the tagline "Michael. Trevor. Franklin." It's been released to the public, and if you're a fan of the Grand Theft Auto games, let's just say that this looks to be another fine installment in the storied franchise. Check it out below.

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    The New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Doesn’t Look as Good in Grand Theft Auto IV

    Whether you're a fan of the series or not, Rockstar Games' second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V looks really slick. It's well composed, and shows that, if nothing else, the game is going to look beautiful. If you're interested, one industrious GTA fan has removed some of the trailer's smooth veneer by recreating it in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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    Watch Grand Theft Auto V’s Latest Trailer Try to Convince You It’s Awesome

    Rockstar is continuing their perpetual tease, and their latest salvo is another trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. We say "perpetual tease" because the last legitimate trailer for the game came out a year ago. We've been quietly salivating in the corner since, and the folks in charge of releasing these have finally saw fit to quench our thirst. It even shows off the recently revealed three protagonists in a way that makes the whole thing seem feasible. So, that's a plus.

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    Grand Theft Auto V’s a Triple Threat, Includes Three Protagonists

    Grand Theft Auto V, the latest and greatest video game from Rockstar, has just had its protagonists detailed thanks to Game Informer's December cover reveal. That's right: Protagonists, as in plural. Though Grand Theft Auto IV flirted with the idea of separate yet distinct protagonists in its DLC, the main game only ever had that one. It's hard to say how they'll be used, but it's exciting regardless.

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    Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Looks Like Every Other Grand Theft Auto

    Rockstar said they would be releasing the trailer for the next installment in everyone's favorite hooker beat 'em up, felony simulator Grand Theft Auto, and they did not lie, releasing the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V a couple of hours ago. This time around, the game seems to be set in a fictional Los Angeles. There will probably be cars to steal and crimes to commit and a huge sandbox city to distract you from completing the main storyline. You can watch it right here while you dream of piling up a bunch of stolen cars at an intersection, then firing off a rocket launcher in said pile's general direction.

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    Rockstar Announces Grand Theft Auto V, Trailer Incoming November 2

    Visiting the Rockstar Games website this morning, you will be greeted with the above graphic announcing the next installment in the working out, and also bowling simulator, Grand Theft Auto V. Nothing else appears on the page, except underneath the graphic, the words "TRAILER 11.02.11" is displayed, a message that may take years to decipher. Aside from the graphic and the trailer date, the page title displays the hashtag #GTAV, one that hasn't seen much activity as of yet, though Rockstar only seemed to throw it out into the wild around two hours ago.

    What's in store for our new antihero? Will it be a woman for the first time? Will it be an actual hero, doing his or her best to subvert crime? Maybe the "V" stands for "vogue." After all, the above graphic does say "Grand Theft Auto V Five." Stay tuned, for on November 2, we may just find out we'll be stepping into the tasteful shoes of a rogue fashion designer.

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