1. Tech

    Google’s Impossibly Cool Global Forest Watch Gives You A Front Seat To Tree Murders

    If a tree falls in the forest, thanks to Google, everyone will hear it now--or at least watch it happen in near real-time from their computer screens. Global Forest Watch is an anxiety inducing new website that allows you to monitor logging and burning of the world's forests using images from NASA satellites. The Lorax would be proud.

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  2. Science

    That’s Probably Not Good For You: Chinese “Medicinal” Herbs Packed With Pesticides

    OK, folks, it looks like it's officially time to stop flushing your hard-earned cash down the drain on herbal supplements and traditional remedies. Not only are Chinese medicinal herbs not medicine, they may actually contain unlisted ingredients -- like, oh, kind of a lot of pesticides -- that can be hazardous to your health. A recent report by Greenpeace found that of 36 samples of herbs like chrysanthemum, rosebud and honeysuckle taken in Europe and North America contained residues from three or more kinds of pesticides that exceeded accepted safe levels set by the European Union.

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  3. Science

    Swedish Nuclear Plants Host Surprise Activist Slumber Party, Intruders Avoid Detection for 28 Hours

    Nuclear plant security is one of those things that pretty much everyone agrees on. In essence, it's probably a bad idea to let just anyone wander around a nuclear facility without proper clearance. Just wanting security to be without faults doesn't make it that way, unfortunately. After around 70 Greenpeace activists swarmed two nuclear plants in Sweden, six managed to avoid security overnight by hiding out on rooftops. In fact, plant owner Vattenfall claimed that all the activists had been detained and their security measures had worked.

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  4. Tech

    Apple’s Commitment To Renewable Energy Boosts Its Greenpeace Score, But Not By Much

    Apple has announced in May that it will have its three data centers be "coal free" by the end of 2013. Greenpeace liked the commitment, so it bumped Apple's Infrastructure Siting score from an "F" to a "D," noting that it cannot score Apple higher until it has a long-term infrastructure siting policy in place that will guarantee responsible energy choices in the future.

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  5. Science

    Russia To Build Floating Nuclear Power Plants

    Russia has announced plans to build eight floating nuclear reactors -- the first of their kind -- to enhance the country's efforts to explore the Arctic for oil and gas reserves. The arctic is currently more navigable than it has ever been due to the melting of ice, which was previously an impediment to traversing the region. The arctic may be the last natural stronghold of oil and gas reserves in the world, so accessibility and control of the region is of high interest. The floating power plants are designed to each create enough electricity for 45,000 people, and will have the extra option of purifying sea water into fresh water. With a cost of approximately $335 million each, Russia intends to produce the floating nuclear reactors for mass production. Countries like China, Algeria and Indonesia have expressed interest in purchasing the reactors. The first power plant should be completed sometime next year, and will be deployed to Russia's Kamchatka region in the far east.

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