Grumpy Cat

  1. Entertainment

    Pack up the Internet, We’re Done Here: Grumpy Cat Sat On the Iron Throne at SXSWesteros

    I can't decide who I'm more jealous of -- Grumpy Cat for getting to sit on the Iron Throne, or the Iron Throne for getting to meet Grumpy Cat? Either way, we would really like to be at SXSW right now, please.

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  2. Science

    Cats Actually Evolved To Be Indifferent To The People Who Love Them

    If you know anything about cats, you know they don't care about you or anyone you know. Don't be offended, though; it's not Mister Jinxy's fault that he's kind of a jerk to his owners. Turns out, evolution has designed cats to be completely indifferent to their caregivers. Grumpy Cat is just Cat's final evolutionary form.

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  3. Entertainment

    Grumpy Cat Challenges Oscar The Grouch to a Grump/Grouch-off in This Video

    After the literal Disney magic that was Grumpy Cat's meet-up with Grumpy the dwarf last week, we were sort of curious to see how the beloved Internet meme would be able to top herself next time around. Well, with the help of Mashable, she's now successfully taken off the grumpiest grump to ever grump -- or, well, grouch.

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  4. Entertainment

    Grumpy Cat Meets Grumpy The Dwarf at Disneyland, Entire Internet Is Better For It [Video]

    Okay, yes, everyone is mostly over Grumpy Cat at this point -- having millions of viewers and a movie deal tends to do that to a meme. But even our cold hearts melted at the site of Grumpy Cat meeting her animated counterpart at the Happiest Place on Earth. Just look at her wobbling around Mickey's Toon Town like the adorable curmudgeon she is!

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  5. Weird

    Grumpy Cat Gets a Movie Deal, Presumably Feels Grumpy About It

    Good news for people who like movies starring adorable animals: Broken Road Productions, the film studio that brought you such classic titles as Jack and Jill and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, has negotiated a deal for a family film starring the Internet's favorite curmudgeon, Grumpy Cat. Bad news: It will probably not be 90 minutes of following her while she crawls around her Arizona home, which is what the Internet really wants.

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  6. Entertainment

    Ermahgerd! Alison Brie Recreates Internet Memes With Her Face

    All of you already subscribe to Paul F. Tompkins' YouTube show Speakeasyright? Good! Then you already know that he spoke to the lovely and talented Alison Brie in yesterday's episode, and that he had her recreate popular Internet memes with her face. Watch the clip, and the full episode, right here.

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  7. Weird

    Grumpy Cat’s Out to Ruin Christmas? Not on the LOLCats’s Watch! [Video]

    Is the very thought of having to sit through yet another Christmas special about some mutated reindeer with a case of low self-esteem making you sick to your stomach? Tired of being preached the true meaning of Christmas like we're soulless, materialistic goons? Okay, maybe they're right in that regard, but the point is monotony needs a good kick to the curb this holiday season and no Christmas special kicks harder than How the LOLCats Saved Christmas. True, it is yet another paint-by-numbers bastardization of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, but this iteration has 100% more cats per serving compared to other leading versions of the story. Plus, the cats don't stop to sing every five minutes, so that has to count for something.

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  8. Entertainment

    Grumpy Cat Goes Nyan, Destroys Earth, Everything You Ever Loved

    Well, 12/21 passed without incident and, much to everyone's shock, the world didn't come to a fiery end, proving once again that you just can't trust an ancient Mesoamerican culture. In fact, the Inca still owe me $20 after skipping out on a bar tab, and they better not think I've forgotten about it. Today, though, we bring you a glimpse of the apocalypse that could have been, courtesy of of a Nyan-powered Tard the Grumpy Cat. You can behold this truly fearsome thing below, but be forewarned: it is not a video for the faint-hearted or weak-willed.

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