1. Science

    Physicist Ben Tippett Weighs in on Marty McFly’s Guitar Explosion and the Physics of Famous Guitar Powers

    Movies aren't exactly known for caring a whole lot about how physics work, and some of the finest examples of this fact have come in the form of scenes where the power of rock coming from an electric guitar causes all kinds of crazy effects. So, CBC Music asked physicist Ben Tippett to shed some light on the real physics behind those power chords.

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  2. Entertainment

    Glockentar Is The Guitar/Robotic Glockenspiel Mashup We Didn’t Even Know We’d Been Waiting For

    What do you get when you cross the remains of a dismembered guitar with an Arduino powered robotic glockenspiel? In the interest of full disclosure, we've never had occasion to ask ourselves that question. We have an answer to it today, though, and the answer is glockentar, a musical chimera of bells, circuits, strings and light projections know what? Just check out the video. It's one of those "you have to see it for yourself" things.

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  3. Entertainment

    Guitarist Blasts Through 50 Excellent 90s Guitar Riffs [Video]

    Musician Jocelyn Pelichet has now gone about putting his mark on the internet by performing this rather outstanding selection of guitar riffs from the early 90's without so much as blinking between them. Though his choices can be quibbled, there are 50 of them after all, none can say he doesn't perform them with some serious aplomb. The man blazes through the 50 riffs while still making each easily recognizable. Perhaps the only complaint one can have is the drums in the background but he goes so far as to provide one without it. How considerate!

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  4. Tech

    TabStrummer Lets You Play Guitar With the Push of a Button

    So if you've looked at a Guitar Hero game and thought to yourself "man, this isn't nearly simplified enough," I've got something for you. It's called the TabStrummer guitar and it will let you play entire chords with the press of a single button. That's right, you only need one finger to play guitar now. Okay, well, one finger on each hand. The TabStrummer is its own standalone device, so you can bring it camping and play crazy cyber-tunes around your electronic fire, or something.

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  5. Tech

    In Honor of Les Paul’s Birthday, Google Logo Is a Playable, Recordable Guitar

    The folks over at Google are becoming ever more ambitious with their famous Google doodles. Today's honors the birthday of Les Paul, often credited as the father of the solid body electric guitar. Paul, who would have been 97 this year, has his birthday marked with a fully-strummable Google logo. Paul's belief that artists would want an instrument like an electric guitar proved remarkably prescient and helped kick-off a revolution in music. In addition to his prowess as an inventor and technical tinkerer, Paul pushed forward some of the styles of playing that would later become standards of rock 'n roll. Google's homage to Paul is not only playable, but recordable as well. Click the little button, play your kickin' jam, and Google will play it back and provide you with a sharable link. If you manage to pull off any face-melting solos, drop them off in our comments section.

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  6. Science

    Guitarduino Teaches Guitar Skills with Flashing Lights

    Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band employ addictive, effective feedback mechanisms to teach players how to work their instruments, but the end result, alas, is being really good at Guitar Hero or Rock Band, with contributions to actual musical prowess a great unknown. The Guitarduino, designed by a UIC engineering student named Andrew, seeks to use catchy feedback to develop actual guitar skills in the player. Consisting of a real electric guitar with more than 130 LEDs wired into the fretboard, the Guitarduino teaches its holder how to play chords and scales by flashing the appropriate lights. Andrew plans to make the guitar MIDI controllable in its next iteration. Video below:

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  7. Gaming

    An Electric Guitar With an NES For A Body

    The people behind GetLoFi have forged this mighty implement of oak and steel and one secret ingredient. You may already have guessed what hallowed object, dripping with the sweet ichor of gaming history, was chosen to be crafted into a machine of completely other purpose. It may, in fact, be immediately obvious. It may, as it has been brought to our attention, be in the title of the post.

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