1. Weird

    Colorado Town Shoots Down Proposal to Allow Residents to Shoot Down Drones

    Last year, we heard about a proposal in Deer Trail, Colorado that would allow residents to shoot down drones flying overhead in exchange for a bounty. A vote yesterday shot down the proposal and got rid of the town's mayor, who supported the plan. It looks like drone season will have to wait for another day.

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  2. Tech

    Watch the First Metal 3D-Printed Handgun Fire Multiple Rounds With Deadly Accuracy [Video]

    We've already covered the first 3D-printed handgun, and the first 3D-printed rifle. Both were made of plastic, and could only manage one shot before breaking. But the new 1911 series pistol by Solid Concepts is 3D printed from steel, and seems to have no problems firing repeatedly and accurately.

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  3. Tech

    First Fully 3D-Printed Rifle Test Fired in Canada

    The first fully 3D-printed handgun, The Liberator, was successfully test fired a few months ago, and it seems like it may have kicked off a 3D-printed arms race. A Canadian gunsmith who goes by the YouTube username "ThreeD Ukulele" has one-upped The Liberator by creating the first 3D-printed rifle, "The Grizzly".

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  4. Weird

    Mouse Hunt With Rifle Ends With Man Shooting Himself in Foot

    An Italian man learned the hard way never to bring a gun to a mouse fight. Spooked by the sight of the offending rodent, the 43-year-old from the city of Treviso went immediately to the big guns, grabbing his father's rifle and firing on the mouse. Rather than killing the rodent, though, the inexperienced rifleman instead shot himself in the foot.

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  5. Weird

    Germany Home to Incredibly Prolific Road Rage Shooter Despite Having No Word for Road Rage

    We get that nobody likes being stuck in traffic, but a German truck driver has officially raised road rage to a violent, terrifying art form. A 57-year-old truck driver arrested over the weekend in the country's Eifel region has admitted to shooting more than 700 vehicles from his truck over the last five years. Luckily, firing from a truck is very difficult, so only one person was injured as a result of the half-decade shooting spree, which the driver blamed on road rage. Not for nothing, dude, but if your road rage is that bad, maybe seek a different line of work than "truck driver." Just a thought.

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  6. Weird

    Man Plays Soccer for 90 Minutes Without Realizing There’s a Bullet Lodged in His Skull

    A Bosnian man played a full soccer match with a 9mm bullet in his head this past weekend, and only discovered it when complaining about a headache. While some soccer players are masters of making dramatic flops, he managed to make getting shot in the head one of the least dramatic injuries on record. And he only let up one goal, too.

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  7. Weird

    Russia Wants Steven Seagal as the Face of Its Arms Industry

    Steven Seagal has a chance to switch from shooting guns to selling them, as a representative of the Russian arms industry. And if that wasn't odd enough, this news comes shortly after Seagal played a pivotal role in assisting a Congressional diplomatic mission to Russia. Who knew? Seagal has Russian ancestry, and it doesn't hurt that his film career as an action hero and martial artist has him battling significantly fewer Russians compared to some of his contemporaries in the genre.

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  8. Weird

    Florida Man Brings, Forgets Loaded Gun on Disney World Dinosaur Ride

    Folks, can we all agree that there are places you probably shouldn't bring a loaded gun, and that the list of those places has "Disney World" near the top of it? We can't? Oh. Well, I shouldn't be surprised. After all, just this weekend Floridian Angelo Lista brought his .380 Cobra on the Dinosaur ride at the theme park's Animal Kingdom attraction, only to have the firearm fall out of his pocket during the bumpy trip. Luckily, the gun -- loaded with five hollow point rounds -- was found by a grandmother who turned it in to park officials.

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  9. Tech

    100,000 People Have Downloaded Plans for a 3D-Printed Gun, California Already Moving Towards Ban

    It seems like just the other day we were bringing you the first footage of a 3D-printed plastic gun being test fired, mostly because it was totally just the other day. Since video of the successful test fire and plans for the gun -- a single-shot affair known as the Liberator -- were posted earlier this week, more than 100,000 people have downloaded the instructions and blueprints for the weapon. Meanwhile, proving that Newton's third law of motion holds up pretty much everywhere, a California State Senator is already drafting a bill to outlaw 3D-printed guns in that state.

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  10. Tech

    World’s First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun Test Fired [Video]

    Last Friday, we brought you news of the Liberator, the world's first firearm created using nearly entirely 3D-printed parts. This weekend brought the update that the one-shot Liberator -- a pistol made entirely of ABS plastic with the exception of a nail you can find at any hardware store as the firing pin -- has been successfully test fired by its lead designer, Cody Wilson. And courtesy of Forbes' Andy Greenberg, here's the video to prove it.

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  11. Tech

    Say Hello to the Liberator, Supposedly the Word’s First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun

    3D printing has come a long way in a relatively short time. You don't have to look far to find people people scoffing at the technology even today. That's not to say it doesn't still have many issues to overcome, but certain groups are making leaps and bounds pressing forward. Take, for example, Defense Distributed. They've long been working on creating a 3D-printed gun, and it looks like their efforts might finally have paid off. They've supposedly created an entirely 3D-printed gun, and they're calling it the Liberator.

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  12. Tech

    Congratulations, Nate Bell, for Redefining the Concept of “Too Soon”

    Hey, Twitter, since this is still a developing story in which people's lives are in danger, no one has said anything tasteless and regrettable about events in Boston today, right? What? An Arkansas politician has already issued the obligatory "I'll bet those sissies wish they had guns now" statement? In, like record time? I'm shocked.

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  13. Gaming

    Buying Games Like Call of Duty Might Be a Moral Choice [Video]

    Violence and video games is a tricky subject, but it's just plain factual that many games -- like Call of Duty, for example -- sometimes license the use and depiction of actual firearms. As in, the virtual sniper rifle a player's using might be about as close to the real thing as a virtual sniper rifle gets. So, is buying Call of Duty or Battlefield a moral choice? That's what Mike Rugnetta and PBS Idea Channel explore in their latest and greatest video.

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  14. Gaming

    Yes, Video Games Affect People, But That Doesn’t Give Guns a Free Pass

    In an effort to not be constantly branded as That Guy when the violence in video games conversation crops up, I'd initially just rolled my eyes at the comments from U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) yesterday morning in regards to video games and guns. We've had this discussion over and over, and it's one worth having if we're actually going to talk about the issues at hand, but Alexander instead opted to make a laughably meaningless statement about the nature of video games and how they're a bigger problem than guns. Sigh. Okay, I guess we're doing this, then.

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  15. Weird

    Homes Hit With Bullets During AK-47 Target Practice

    Two houses in Montville, Ohio came under gunfire on Wednesday, but the bullets didn't come from gang members, terrorists, or insurgents -- it came from two guys drinking beer and firing an AK-47 and several handguns at a target, though clearly not very well. Luckily, no one was hurt, and the two men were arrested before any serious damage could be done.

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