1. Tech

    Test Servers for Heartbleed Vulnerability With This Handy Browser Tool

    Heartbleed is freaking everybody on the Internet out right now, specifically because as we've learned, it's actually much more complicated than changing your passwords and hoping for the best. If you log in to a server while that server is still vulnerable, you might still be at risk, so you have to make sure that the site is no longer affected.

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  2. Gaming

    Five-Year-Old Discovers Xbox Account Password Security Hole, Uses His Powers to Play Age-Inappropriate Games

    Microsoft, long a bastion of computer security, has been bested by the finest mind in computer hacking: a five-year-old trying to play age-inappropriate games on his dad's Xbox.

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  3. Tech

    Pinterest Hacked and Invaded by Butts

    No. Your Pinterest friends didn't all just suddenly decide they're really into butts. The site was hacked, and the result appears to be a bunch of spam about weight loss and butts. Or maybe your friends just like butts now. Go ahead and ask them. Thanks to groundbreaking legal case Becky v. Mix-a-Lot, they cannot lie about it.

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  4. Tech

    Snapchat Was Warned of Security Problems and Told Everyone Things Were Fine Days Before Security Breach

    Snapchat suffered recently when millions of its users' usernames and phone numbers were posted for public viewing by hackers, but companies that operate online run that risk. The risk significantly increases when a group of hackers warns you that you're vulnerable and tells the entire Internet how to hack you, and you say everything is fine.

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  5. Tech

    Dogecoin Was Hacked, Who Knew You Couldn’t Trust a Currency Based on a Meme

    Dogecoin doesn't exactly have a trustworthy ring to it. It's like the old Steve Martin joke about nobody wanting to put their money in "Fred's Bank." So readers may not be surprised to hearĀ Fred's Bank Dogecoin was hacked yesterday, and the thief made off with much millions. Wow. So theft. Amaze.

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  6. Weird

    Roll Into Your Labor Day Party Like a Boss With a Watermelon Smoothie Hack

    Did you know that showing up places empty handed makes you look a jerk? It does! Be nice and bring things to parties. You could bring a watermelon, but then the host has to hack the thing up. Ain't nobody got time for that! Instead, also bring a drill and a coat hanger (vodka optional, but vodka) and make this watermelon smoothie.

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  7. Tech

    That Escalated Quickly, Chromecast Already Rooted

    It's only been a few days since Google announced its Chromecast device that lets you stream content from your phone, tablet, or computer to a TV with a $35 HDMI dongle, but GTVHacker has already rooted the thing, opening up possibilities for future hacks that could make the already amazing device even more amazing.

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  8. Tech

    Chipotle’s Twitter Account Hacked, Check Out the Screenshots [Updated]

    One of two things is going on right now with the official Chipotle Twitter account. It's either being used by someone at Chipotle who doesn't understand how Twitter works, or it's been hacked by someone who doesn't understand how hacking Twitter works. Either way, it's bound to right itself eventually, so take a look while you can, and don't worry -- we have screen shots!

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  9. Gaming

    Dad Hacks Donkey Kong So Daughter Can Play As Pauline And Save Mario

    Doting Dad Mike Mika couldn't bear to see his daughter's disappointment at not being able to play as a princess in Donkey Kong the way she had in Super Mario Brothers 2. Rather than explain to her why Mario was always the hero and Pauline always needed saving, though, Mika changed the game, putting together a patch that turns let his daughter get her game on as video gaming's original damsel in distress. Check out the video, which really should earn Mika a "#1 Dad" mug for ensuring his daughter knows that girls can save the day just as well as boys, below.

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  10. Tech

    I’m Lovin’ It: Burger King’s Twitter Account Got Hacked

    Hackers have seized control of the official @BurgerKing Twitter account, and are running wild with it. The running joke of the hack is that Burger King has been sold to McDonald's, but there are also a fair number of nonsensical tweets and links to rap songs thrown in for good measure. We've got screen shots for you, since we're assuming this thing won't last long.

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  11. Tech

    A Dick Pic is Forever: Saving SnapChat Photos for Posterity Just Got Even Easier

    What do a diamond and a picture of your naughty bits have in common? If you answered "They're both romantic things to give to your sweetheart," you are wrong. If you said "They will be around forever," though -- you're right! That's because a new workaround for SnapChat -- the mobile service that lets you send a photo message that will delete itself, Mission Impossible-style, just seconds after being received and has thus become a great way to send photographs of your genitals to other people -- makes it way easier for recipients to save those photos until the end of time, or at least until the person who sent it to them in sophomore year tries to run for Congress.

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  12. Tech

    Hackers Could Access Pacemakers via Wireless, Deliver Deadly Shocks

    Technology is an almost inseparable part of our lives at this point. For those with medical implants, like pacemakers, this is even more true. The unfortunate side effect of this dependence is the disappointing fact that just about anything technological is susceptible to hacking. At the BreakPoint security conference in Australia, IOActive researcher Barnaby Jack demonstrated that he could deliver a series of 830 volt shocks to a nearby pacemaker via his laptop.

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  13. Gaming

    World of Warcraft Sees Cities Nuked by Hacker, Surprisingly Not a Plague-Related Event

    Every so often, a glitch or exploit will be discovered that causes massive amounts of World of Warcraft folks to die. This typically has something to do with incorrectly set flags, or similar circumstances, that then cause a chain reaction as more folks exacerbate the problem. It wasn't that long ago that Death Knights found they could cast their plagues on friendly units and caused a mass extinction of their own. Yesterday, an exploit was used to fly around killing everyone in range, thus nuking entire cities across multiple servers.

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  14. Weird

    Hackers Use Dry Erase Marker to Fool Hotel Room Lock, Decide Pen is Too Small

    Millions of hotel rooms around the world are protected by Onity locks. Unfortunately for hotel guests, these locks aren't exactly secure. Each lock includes a port on the bottom that's meant to allow access the hotel staff in order to set master keys, but it can be spoofed to reveal all the juicy information needed to pop the door open. This much we knew back in July, when hacker Cody Brocious demonstrated a version of it. However, we now know that a device capable of reliably performing this trick can be made small enough to fit in a dry erase marker.

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  15. Gaming

    New Father Ensures Safety of Offspring Using Wiimote, Lasers

    I'm not a coward or anything (I swear!), but I will level with you -- being a parent looks utterly daunting and terrifying. One day someone just hands you a tiny little human that is incapable of doing anything but producing noise and goo, and for the next several years, you are responsible for making sure it thrives. Luckily, there's help, and no, I'm not talking about spouses or your own, seasoned parents -- I'm talking about good old never-let-you-down or lead-you-astray technology. Before his daughter was even born, hacker and blogger Gjoci was hard at work cobbling together a breath detector from a Wiimote and a trio of 1 milliwatt lasers. Positioned above the crib, this neat hack sets off an alarm anytime the breathing seems to stop or becomes irregular.

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