1. Entertainment

    Jurassic Systems Is The Samuel L Jackson Roleplay Website You’ve Been Waiting For

    The hacking scene from Jurassic Park stands out surprisingly well in a movie full of other memorable things, like dinosaur poop and Jeff Goldblum. Now thanks to the delightful Jurassic Systems website, you can personally experience what it's like to get hacked by Dennis Nedry. Hold on to your butts, obviously.

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  2. Science

    Can Your Brain Be Hacked? This AsapSCIENCE Has the Answer [Video]

    As neuroscience gets more advanced it raises the question of whether or not our brains can be hacked. In some ways it already has, but not in the way you might be thinking. This AsapSCIENCE video lays out the scientific and ethical questions around brain hacking. So what do you think? Who wants to hack their brain?

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  3. Tech

    Syrian Electronic Army Claims Control of Twitter’s Domain

    The Syrian Electronic Army announced in a tweet (appropriately) that they own, and included picture of what appears to be a report from that lists SEA as the owners of the site. Though when we ran a report, we got a different result.

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  4. Tech

    MIT Releases Report on Aaron Swartz Case, Claims “Position of Neutrality”

    While under federal prosecution that many felt was extreme for his crimes, Aaron Swartz committed suicide earlier this year. MIT has released a report examining their culpability in the matter. It indicates that MIT maintained a "position of neutrality" throughout the proceedings, claiming they neither sought Swartz' prosecution nor defended him.

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  5. Tech

    So, Yeah, Chipotle Faked Their Twitter Hack as a Publicity Stunt, Have Earned Our Eternal Ire

    On Sunday, the official Twitter account for the restaurant chain Chipotle started sending out some odd Tweets. We, and others, assumed they'd been hacked, even though the 'hacker' didn't seem to get how Twitter works. As it turns out, there's a rational explanation for why an avocado-craving Luddite was on Chipotle's Twitter account -- the whole thing was faked.

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  6. Tech

    Self-Proclaimed LulzSec “Leader” Arrested In Australia

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have reportedly arrested a 24-year-old hacker they claim is a leader in the LulzSec organization. We're loath to be the ones to break it to them, but LulzSec isn't really a "leaders" sort of organization, as other parties associated with the group are making clear on Twitter today.

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  7. Tech

    Do You Know Your Evernote Password? So Do Hackers, So Change It

    Good news for anyone who really likes thinking up passwords! Nearly ubiquitous note taking app Evernote got hacked. The Evernote team says the information the hackers got was limited to user information like usernames, email addresses, and passwords. Evernote is taking steps to keep this kind of thing from happening in the future, but they've also released a few standard tips on keeping your password safe, and making everyone reset their password.

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  8. Weird

    This Open Twitter Account Lets You Pretend You’re Burger King

    We all had a good laugh yesterday when Burger King's official Twitter account got hacked, but while we give the hackers an "A" for effort, at best they get a "C+" for execution. Most of what was tweeted was nonsense, and the account was quickly suspended. The hack gave birth to something pretty special though, because someone was inspired to create the @PretendBK account, and they let you tweet on their behalf, giving you the keys to the pretend Burger Kingdom.

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  9. Tech

    Anonymous Says They’re Responsible for Taking Down U.S. Sentencing Commission Site

    Continuing a string of threats and attacks following the death of Aaron Swartz, Anonymous claims to be responsible for taking down the United States Sentencing Commission website yesterday. They also claim that is not the only government website they currently control. Shortly after the attack the site was taken down, and now appears to be running normally. In the message they posted on the site, Anonymous also claims to have sensitive government information that it will leak to the media.

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  10. Tech

    Anonymous Hacks MIT Site in Wake of Aaron Swartz’s Suicide [UPDATED]

    The hacker group Anonymous defaced pages of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) site just hours after the school announced it would launch a full investigation into their role in Aaron Swartz's death. Swartz committed suicide on Friday while facing millions of dollars in fines and up to 50 years in prison for stealing documents from MIT and academic database JSTOR. In response, Anonymous has publicly called for the reform of computer crime laws and prosecution, and they've been busy the last few days petitioning the White House to classify DDoS attacks as a form of protest while also engaging in this hack of MIT.

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  11. Tech

    Unsecure Passwords Just Got More Unsecure, Cracking Them Now Even Faster

    A new method of cracking passwords hashed with SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) made the relatively unsecured algorithm even less secure by greatly decreasing the time and computing power necessary to crack it. The news came out of the Passwords^12 conference in Oslo, Norway, which focused on password and PIN code security. It might be a good time to change your password, or more importantly change the way your passwords are stored.

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  12. Gaming

    Vita Cracker Says He’s Not Looking for a Way to Pirate Games

    Security was a major issue for Sony when they designed the PS Vita. Anyone who's familiar with the PSP likely knows that the console is one of the easiest consumer gadgets to crack out there: It was (and is) very easy to pirate PSP games, and that's something Sony does not intend to allow on the PS Vita. Despite Sony's best efforts, no device is "unhackable": Self-proclaimed reverse engineer Yifan Lu says he's found an exploit in the system that will eventually allow custom software to run on the device. While many gaming pirates are hopeful that the breakthrough will lead to hackers eventually jailbreaking the PS Vita, Lu says that his work doesn't allow people to pirate games, and he has no intention of helping them figure out how to do so.

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  13. Tech

    This Power Strip is Actually an Advanced Hacking Tool

    But you wouldn't know it from looking at it. At first glance, the Power Pwn from Pwnie Express would likely be overlooked as just another gadget to plug stuff into in the office. Its actual purpose is to thoroughly test the intrusion security of companies. And it's all thanks to funding from Cyber Fast Track, a program which falls under the umbrella of DARPA. The government sponsoring research that leads to things like this is basically the best thing.

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  14. Tech

    BMW 1M Coupe Stolen In 3 Minutes, Keyless Entry System Easily Hacked

    A bunch of thieves managed to hack into a BMW 1M coupe and drive it away in under 3 minutes, clean and quiet as you please. BMW's keyless entry system is apparently to blame, and there appears to be a lot of blame, because no one prefers losing their car to losing their car keys.

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  15. Gaming

    The U.S. Navy Is Hiring Video Game Console Hackers

    As if there wasn't enough video game hacking out there, the U.S. Navy just arranged for a little more, and paid over $100,000 for it. No, they're not looking to boost their kill-death ratios in MW:3 by using wall-hacks or something. Instead, they're hoping these hired hackers will be able to help them intercept useful inteligence that is being communicated by console messaging services. That's right: They want to eavesdrop on terrorists who discuss their plans over a heated match of Halo: Reach.

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