HAL 9000

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    Now You Can Give Locking Yourself Out of the House Geeky Flair with This Life-Size HAL 9000 Replica [Video]

    There's two ways you can get your hands on a movie-accurate replica of the nefarious artificial intelligence HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The first -- provided you have no qualms with the destruction of property and your own reputation -- is smashing open the display case of cinematic tchotchkes at Planet Hollywood. The second, and comparatively least felonious, option is shelling out an honest buck for a HAL 9000 of your own. Currently on sale at ThinkGeek, every adult geek's one stop shop for frivolous spending, this reproduction of everyone's favorite wall-mounted A.I. unit comes programmed with 15 chillingly calm phrases and other goodies sure to make innocuous trips across the living room into a paranoid experience!

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  2. Tech

    A Siri-Integrated HAL 9000 Dock for iPhone, Coming 2012

    From the moment Siri was introduced to the public with iPhone 4S, the comparisons to HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey began. With a surprisingly powerful, albeit quirky, voiced-based interface, it's quite understandable. Thankfully, the wonderful people at ThinkGeek have made the rhetorical reality with Iris 9000. Next to the traditional iPhone dock is a spitting image recreation of HAL 9000, complete with pulsating red eye and 1950s IBM design aesthetic. The device also amplifies Siri's voice, and provides a more robust microphone for picking up your voice from farther away. There's even a mini remote to activate Siri from across the room, or even while sitting in your pod locked out of your spaceship. Read on after the break for a video of Siri Hal Iris 9000 in action.

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