1. Entertainment

    This Is What Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles Will Probably Look Like, Shorts and All

    I'm not going to lie to you: I saw this image floating around on Tumblr sometime last night with the caption "look, it's Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles," and I thought it was a joke. As it turns out, it's not, and our very first glimpse of the upcoming film has arrived in the form of a crappy Halloween costume—surely a sign of good things to come.

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  2. Entertainment

    Screen Junkies Explores The World of Underrated Horror Movies For Halloween [Video]

    Halloween -- and the entire month of October -- might technically be over now, but that doesn't mean we can't take the time to indulge in some wonderfully creepy horror films. Hal Rudnick of Screen Junkies sat down with actor/stuntman Derek Mears and Mad Monster's Eben McGarr to discuss some of the most underrated horror flicks in film history.

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  3. Space

    Astronaut Luca Parmitano Wins Halloween

    We saw great Halloween costumes this year. There was this cosplay party in Toronto. Patrick Stewart even dressed as a lobster and got in a bathtub, but we're prepared to call it: Luca Parmitano wins Halloween 2013. While on board the International Space Station, he donned a Superman costume. Beat that! You can't, because you're not in space.

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  4. Weird

    Sir Patrick Stewart Is a Lobster Now, Because That’s the World We Live In

    Presented without further comment because we are speechless.

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  5. Weird

    Candy You Probably Won’t Get Trick-or-Treating Tonight

    Yesterday the Geekosystem team took a field trip to Economy Candy here in New York City. It specializes in odd and vintage candy you're not likely to find in most places. We stocked up on sweets that people probably aren't going to be handing out for Trick-or-Treat tonight, and after tasting them that's probably for the best.

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  6. Entertainment

    The Human Tim Gets Creepy and Kooky in This Rocking Addams Family Cover

    Happy Halloween, Geeks! To celebrate the holiday, one of our favorite geek-rockers The Human Tim released a cover of the Addams Family theme song with his friend Paul Farrer joining in. Fair warning, you're going to want to snap your fingers, and possibly start headbanging. So get a witch's shawl on and rock out.

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  7. Entertainment

    Is Slender Man The Internet’s First Crowdsourced Folk Tale? [Video]

    Slender Man might have been invented on a Something Awful forum in 2009, but as Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel explains, since then he's taken on a life of his own. Protip: Do not watch this new video with the lights off while you're working from home alone in your apartment early in the morning. Just... um, just don't. Trust us on this one.

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  8. Weird

    In Honor Of Halloween, Here’s a Bunch Of Awesome Nerd Candy We Saw Today

    The Geekosystem crew took a field trip to a local vintage candy store in New York to celebrate the holiday. In addition to buying a bunch of unusual treats that we'll be reviewing sometime tomorrow, we also found a whole bunch of candy themed after your favorite TV shows, games, and movies.

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  9. Weird

    How Come Nobody But New Jersey Calls the Night Before Halloween “Mischief Night?”

    Guys, when you were a kid, what did you call the night before Halloween? Don't look up at the headline to guess the answer we're looking for. Just tell us. Did it not have a name that you can recall? Then congratulations, you probably live anywhere in the country but New Jersey. Good for you.

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  10. Entertainment

    The Best Geeky Cosplayers We Saw During Halloween Weekend 2013

    We hit up one of the biggest geeky Halloween parties in North America this weekend, and the cosplay was incredible. Click through to see our favorite Halloween cosplayers of the weekend!

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  11. Entertainment

    Combine Your Love For Comics And Your Love of Halloween With This Year’s Halloween ComicFest

    Halloween is fast approaching, and with it comes the second biggest free comic event of the year: Halloween ComicFest, which is happening this Saturday and Sunday at participating comic book stores all over the country. So make sure you get yourself to one this weekend!

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  12. Science

    John Green and Mental Floss Make Halloween Educational with 38 Facts About Candy [Video]

    Mental floss makes education fun by making candy, which is already fun, educational. In their weekly trivia webseries, John Green shares 38 little known facts about candy and debunks several myths including gum staying in your digestive system for years.

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  13. Gaming

    Officially Licensed Tetris Costumes Now Exist, Great For Making Human Barriers

    It's hard to believe that there hadn't been licensed Tetris costumes on the market before -- after all, it's such a simple concept. Now a company in the UK has finally secured the rights to these iconic blocks, so of course the very first thing they did was send a bunch of people out to a fancy pub and get in everyone's way.

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  14. Entertainment

    Watch Folks Tell Children That They’ve Eaten All Their Halloween Candy [Video]

    Some might say that tricking kids into believing that you've eaten all their Halloween candy is a cruel joke. They might very well be right, but that hasn't stopped Jimmy Kimmel from requesting videos of folks doing exactly yet. Though this is the second time he's performed this kind of segment, there's a surprise twist with the last few kids that makes it even better than the original. Even if the ending doesn't tug on your heartstrings, the rest of the video includes some rather humorous reactions.

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  15. Entertainment

    A Very Netflix Halloween: Our Top 10 Halloween Picks On Instant Watch

    Horror movies and Halloween go together like football and Thanksgiving, or Christmas and screaming recriminations. No doubt plenty of our livelier cohorts will be doing things they can feel bad about posting on Facebook later on tonight, but for those of us who are staying in tonight like dang old grownups, we put together a list of our favorite selections for Halloween that you can access right from your Netflix Instant Queue. These movies are guaranteed instant Halloween -- just add a snack, an adult beverage of your choice, and someone to snuggle up with for the scary parts.

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