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    Pew! Pew! Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Han Solo’s Blaster Sells at Auction for $200,000

    Han Solo's iconic blaster pistol from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi has been sold at auction for $200,000. We don't know the exact exchange rate from US dollars to galactic credits, but that had to have been enough to pay his bounty, right? Why not just give Jabba the gun, Han?

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    These Never-Before-Seen Star Wars Bloopers Are Basically The Best Thing Ever [Video]

    Man, it is really jarring to see Alec Guinness break character right next to Chewbacca. And look at baby Mark Hamill trying to pronounce things!... Oh, what's that? You haven't seen the new gag reel footage from Star Wars that somehow made it onto the web yesterday? Because it's basically all we can talk about now. You'd best catch up.

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    Oh My God It’s Really Happening: Ender’s Game Now Running Ads on TV [Video]

    Say what you want about Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card and his awful personal politics -- reading the book itself was a formative experience for many a young nerd. In fact, it's still hard to believe we're even getting a movie in the first place after so many years of waiting. But look! They're even putting these commercials on TV now!

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    Watch This Supercut of Harrison Ford Angrily Pointing at People, Courtesy of Conan O’Brien [Video]

    Really, we should have all seen Harrison Ford's current penchant for grumpy old manitude coming. He is very good at being angry, after all -- and as last night's episode of Conan shows us, he's got a couple of classic moves to express that anger. Well, one classic move. He points a lot. Like, a lot.

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  5. Entertainment

    Harrison Ford Will Be In The Expendables 3, But Bruce Willis Won’t Be

    If you're not following Sylvester Stallone's Twitter then you have a problem, because tweets sound amazing if you read them in Sylvester Stallone's voice. But more than that, Stallone revealed some amazing news yesterday: Harrison Ford will join the cast of The Expendables 3 for some old-fashioned (pun intended) ass-kicking action.

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    Ender’s Game Clip Shows Off a Bit More Dogfighting [Video]

    Exclusively premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, this clip of Ender's Game gives us the a much longer glimpse of alien battles, with Harrison Ford explaining why exactly humans can and will do some serious alien killing. Ford might no longer look like the ladies' man professor-slash-archaeologist-slash-mercenary-slash-scoundrel of yesteryear, but he still sounds determined enough to kick my butt.

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    Watch Harrison Ford Dodge Star Wars Questions and Confront Chewbacca on Kimmel

    It has to be hard when you're an actor trying to promote something, but all anyone wants to talk about is another project. When Harrison Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, he took questions from the audience, but refused to talk about Star Wars Episode VII. He went on to answer a few questions before being confronted by an old friend.

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    Harrison, Fisher, Hamill Almost Certainly Returning to Star Wars

    Disney owns Lucasfilm -- we're past that now, right? Previously, half of adult geekdom already ranted that the prequel Star Wars films "ruined" their childhoods or some such. So now everyone still willing to keep looking at that galaxy far, far away is wondering what's really going to happen next in the franchise. (The fans of the Expanded Star Wars Universe read the novels and already theoretically know, but history has shown that movies and books seldom get along.) Also, we already know that J.J. Abrams is signed on to direct Episode VII. Finally, the rumors and quotes have been flying around the last couple of months, but now George Lucas himself has pretty much cinched it: Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford are probably going to feature in the new movies.

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    Don’t Get Cocky: Harrison Ford Rumored to be Returning as Han Solo in Episode VII

    Somebody fired a proton torpedo into the Internet's thermal exhaust port today, because it blew up with the story that Harrison Ford will definitely be returning as Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII. The source of the story is El Mayimbe from Latino Review, and he dropped the news on Fox News Latino, but so far there's been no official word from anyone actually in a position to make a definitive statement. Maybe we should all just take a breath here.

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  10. Gaming

    Harrison Ford Playing Uncharted 3 for a Japanese Campaign Will Make You Uncomfortable [Video]

    The Japanese commercials for Uncharted 3 will feature Harrison Ford playing the game, and as part of the process, he played bits of the game in order to produce some commentary, as well as to provide all of us with the above video that is fairly uncomfortably awkward. Anyone who knows Uncharted knows how awesome and meta it is that Harrison Ford is playing it, but for the uninitiated, it's because Uncharted and its main character, the charming Nathan Drake, are heavily inspired by Indiana Jones. Head on past the break for an even more uncomfortable thirty second commercial of Harrison Ford breathing heavily while playing the game.

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    Actors Who Would Be Allowed Into the Geek Equivalent of Heaven

    When you die and potentially go wherever it is that people go when they’re dead — be it in the ground or some type of heaven or whatever — chances are you won’t be pleased with everyone that has been given a pass. Some people just rub folks the wrong way; it’s a fact of life. There is one bright side to this, however: If you’re going to this theorized place, it’s safe to assume that people similar to you are going to be going there as well. That means that all those geeky actors will be chatting it up in the geek afterlife, hopefully. But where do they draw the line? Clearly, some are more worthy than others. Some actors have been in multiple works that were seminal in their own right. So, here it is, finally, a list of the actors that are most worthy of being admitted to the geek equivalent of heaven.

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  12. Entertainment

    You Can See the Cowboys and Aliens Super Bowl Trailer Now [Video]

    Hey, did you know that the highly-anticipated full trailer for Cowboys and Aliens scheduled to run during the Super Bowl is out already? It is, and you can watch it now, if you didn't already hear about it from director Jon Favreau on Twitter. Well, hi there, Harrison Ford ... (Jon Favreau on Twitter via Entertainment Weekly)

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  13. Weird

    What If Tom Selleck Had Played Indiana Jones?

    Sorry, Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, but you may have just been bested in the highly competitive category of Tom Selleck-inspired fan art. Inspired by the fact that Stephen Spielberg initially cast Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones, but had to give the role to Harrison Ford instead when CBS wouldn't let him take the part due to his Magnum, P.I. contractual obligations. (Spielberg had wanted Ford anyway, but producer George Lucas was initially hesitant.) DeviantART user Gh0stbuster has imagined an alternate-universe Raiders of the Lost Ark starring Selleck. (Gh0stbuster via via GEEKLEETIST)

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  14. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks 7/25: All Comic Con, All The Time

    SDCC Captain America Clip Had Thor Mention (Bleeding Cool) Abin Sur Lies In State (Comic Book Resources) Godzilla Redesign (io9) Seth Rogan Talks Green Hornet 3D (Cinema Blend) Neil Patrick Harris in Cast of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Comics Alliance) Harrison Ford's First Trip To Comic Con (The LA Times) Marvel Studios Regains Rights to The Punisher (Comic Book Resources) (picture via The National Post.)

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    Captain Kirk as Captain America? Chris Pine Rumored to Be Next Cap

    The superhero rumor mill grinds right along with unverified news about who is in the running for the role of Captain America in the up coming film The First Avenger: Captain America.

    The latest news, brought to the light of Internet by, is that Chris Pine is at the top of the list to play The Captain. You may remember Pine from a recent J. J. Abrams-directed blockbuster fi - oh, lets stop beating around the bush. He's James Tiberius Kirk.

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