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    HBO Signed an Exclusive Deal With Amazon Prime That’s So Close to Being Great News

    Piracy runs rampant on shows from premium networks, and no one knows that better than HBO. Game of Thrones continues to break piracy records, and HBO has finally, mercifully made a deal with Amazon to stream HBO content to Amazon Prime members... at least three years after they air on television, because patience is the Internet's strong suit.

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    Game of Thrones Continues to Break Piracy Records

    Game of Thrones may not be the most watched show on television, but it's certainly the most pirated. It's set yet another record for being illegally downloaded online. HBO didn't seem to care much the last two times this happened, so will this time be any different?

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    Paying Just to Watch Game of Thrones in Australia Can Cost $50 an Episode

    Game of Thrones is the most pirated show in television history, and for good reason: it's full of spoil-able plot points that everyone wants to talk about the next day, and only legally available to people who have to pay through the nose to get it. In fact, TorrentFreak did the math and in most countries, it can get kind of ridiculous.

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    Missed Last Night’s Premiere of HBO’s Silicon Valley? Watch It Free Right Here!

    Last night, the new season of that Chair Games show or whatever it's called premiered on HBO, but I was more excited about Mike Judge's Silicon Valley. If you missed the premiere thanks to HBO GO being a piece-of-garbage service, then you can watch the first episode right here.

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    Review: Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley Is the Geek Show TV’s Been Waiting For

    At SXSW this week, I got to see the first two episodes of the new Mike Judge HBO show Silicon Valley, which follows a group of developers as they stumble onto success with a unique algorithm. That may sound very similar to Amazon's Betas, but Silicon Valley shows there are more important things than being first to market.

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    Here’s The Track List and First Two Songs Off the Game of Thrones Rap Album

    If you can't wait until tomorrow to see what kind of Game of Thrones rhymes the greatest rappers of today will be spitting on Catch A Throne, never fear. HBO just released Wale's "King Slayer" and Big Boi's "Mother of Dragons," which you can listen to right here.

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    “Catch a Throne” — HBO’s Game of Thrones Rap Mixtape Drops Friday

    To promote Game of Thrones HBO has commissioned rap artists to write songs for a mixtape titled "Catch a Throne" that's going to be release on Friday. So just in case you were sad about living in a world without a rap album about medieval fantasy, don't worry. That world ends on Friday.

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    Daenerys Gets Her Own Teaser Trailer, Because HBO Knows What We Like [Video]

    Then again, we don't like awkwardly GCI animated landscapes and we especially don't like not being able to see our dragons, so maybe they don't know us so well after all. Still, we're pretty pumped for this upcoming season of Game of Thrones, regardless.

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    Get a Look at the New Trailer for Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley

    Are you guys as excited as we are for the upcoming HBO show Silicon Valley? You should be. It was created by Mike Judge and has a pretty impressive cast, including Kumail Nanjiani, TJ Miller, and Martin Starr. Get on board.

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    Haven’t Seen The New Game of Thrones Trailer? Reevaluate Your Life Choices, Then Click Here [Video]

    C'mon, what were you doing, watching the Golden Globes? Hanging out with other humans in a positive social environment? Being with loved ones? Whatever, bro. Get on our level and watch the trailer already.

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  11. Entertainment

    The #RoastJoffrey Party Continues With Videos From the Game of Thrones Cast

    Yesterday in our coverage of the exciting #RoastJoffrey hashtag that the official Game of Thrones Twitter account started, we showed you a video of actor Esmé Bianco (Ros) lambasting the mad boy king for all the world to see. Now she's not the only cast member getting in on the action.

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  12. Tech

    Today in Not Understanding Copyright: HBO Flags VLC Player in DMCA Takedown Request

    Ahh, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. How often are you a source of anger and confusion for all of us! Under this well-meaning but boneheaded law, copyright holders send literally millions of takedown requests to Google every single month -- 14,855,269 URLs during the past month alone, if you're counting. Predictably, that includes plenty of totally illegitimate claims requesting the removal of content that doesn't infringe anything. Take HBO's recent request, for example, for Google to take down a URL linking not to an HBO show, but to the perfectly legal open source VLC Player program. Yes, just the level of professionalism and attention to detail we've come to expect from copyright claims on the Internet!

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    GRRM Says the Iron Throne’s a Lot Different in the Books, Sounds Like Most of His Readers

    As someone who's read through most of A Song of Ice and Fire and who now has family members passing by my current place in DWD, I'd like to officially apologize to anyone to whom I've ever began a sentence with "But in the books, it's like this..." That being said, HBO's Game of Thrones and George R.R. Martin's original text are definitely pretty different, and Martin's always going to be the first person to acknowledge that. Perhaps in an effort to soften some of the criticism against the recent Oberyn Martell casting choice -- or maybe just because he needed a break from finding new ways to crush all our hopes and dreams --  he went to his blog and outlined one of the biggest differences between show and book: Namely, the Iron Throne itself.

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  14. Tech

    GoT Season Finale Sets Torrenting Record, Possibly Due to Stark Fans Who Cancelled HBO Too Early

    And now for news that is probably not going to shock anyone: The episode that ended this season of Game of Thrones is officially the most pirated copy of any file on BitTorrent, with a record 170,000 people sharing an episode simultaneously. The last record, by the way, was also held by Game of Thrones, as the third season premiere racked up 163,000 illegal downloads the day after it premiered in April. And the record before that? GoT was also considered the highest pirated shows of all time during its second season as well. I think maybe HBO should start to reconsider their business model just a little bit.

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    Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere Sets Piracy Records, HBO Doesn’t Care

    Two big things happened on Easter a few days ago: The Walking Dead season 3 finale and the Game of Thrones season 3 premiere aired at the same time. One of the two was exceptionally good and involved death, swinging blades, and beleaguered humanity, while the other broke a bunch of pirating records. Specifically, the Game of Thrones premiere was uploaded to the Internet and, within a few hours, a tracker reported 163,088 simultaneous downloads of a single torrent of the episode. People sure do like to not pay for things they love!

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