1. Space

    Earth Now The Farthest From The Sun It Will Be All Year: Still Hot as Hell

    You guys without air conditioning want to hear something funny? At 11am EDT today, the Earth reached the point in its orbit where it was farthest from the sun in space. Yeah, you read that right -- farther from the Sun. As in, not near it. So you can stop making jokes about how it feels like the Sun is sitting in your living room, because it isn't. It is doing the opposite of that, and it's still too damn hot. There's nothing funny about that.

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  2. Weird

    It’s Too Hot To Come Up With A Funny Headline For This Video About How Hot It Is

    Here in New York it is mostly rainy and humid and gross, but in other parts of the country the heat is completely and utterly unbearable. Just ask Krissy Chula, a Youtube and Tumblr celebrity who could probably get a million hits just by reading the phonebook in her measured, deliberate voice. Among her insights : "I am not tropical, I am not a damn toucan," and "The Lord needs to delegate the weather to somebody else. Where is Moses? Talk to Moses about that shit." Every word of it is complete genius.

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  3. Tech

    Hot New iPad Literally Runs 13 Degrees Warmer Than iPad 2

    Since the launch of the iPad 3 new iPad last Friday, some owners have begun voicing concerns over how warm Apple's new tablet device seems to run -- some saying that their device spits out a warning message and shuts down due to heat. Apple has remained mum, saying that some components in the ultra thin device do get warm during extended use, but have generally downplayed the issue. However, a new report confirms consumer's feelings: When running full tilt and plugged into a wall socket, the new iPad can reach 116ºF -- 13º warmer than its predecessor.

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  4. Weird

    Heat-Styled Street Shootout, in Lego

    From The Matrix to Star Wars, meticulous Lego action scene reenactments are nearly as old as the invention of fire. The Legomasters at Custard Productions have churned out some classics with the little building blocks, including "Batman's Gay Roommate" (NSFW) and "Cardboard Gear Solid." Their most recent entry, "Lego Street Shootout," is a particularly violent stop-motion affair; moreover, it unfolds in a gritty, naturalistic documentary-like style that hearkens to the gun battles in Heat and The Way of the Gun.

    Naturalistic ... until the jetpack comes into play. Hit the jump for the video.

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