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    Let’s Put a Smile on That Face: Someone Mashed Up the Nolan and Burton Batman Films

    Are they taking nominations for the MacArthur Fellows Program? We only ask because the person who made this series of mashup photos combining the Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton Batman films is a genius of the highest order. user Butcher Billy is the one behind this particular set of wonders, and we'd need Joker gas to smile more than we have at their work.

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    4 Big Things We Learned About Batman 3 From Christopher Nolan’s Superman 1 Interview

    Geoff Boucher has an interview with Christopher Nolan about his Superman project in today's LA Times where the acclaimed director very carefully says absolutely nothing of substance about his Superman project.

    Asked if Superman as a franchise has to overcome a deficiency of truly great villains, unlike, say, Spider-Man and Batman, he won’t bite. “That’s a very sly way of asking a question I’m not going to answer.”

    Touché, Mr. Nolan, touché.  However, he did say a number of definitive things about his third Batman movie, which is currently in the script-writing stage:

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