1. Science

    If You’re the Youngest Child, Your Mom Probably Thinks You’re Shorter than You Really Are

    We all know that birth order has some kind of affect on how our personalities are perceived by our family members, but according to findings recently published in Current Biology, it also affects how our bodies are perceived -- specifically, it makes everyone mistakenly think that the youngest in each family appears smaller than they are.

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  2. Space

    Ultrasound Tests May Help Figure Out Why Astronauts Grow Taller While In Space

    Yesterday we brought you the heartbreaking news that rather than giving you Fantastic Four style super powers, the cosmic rays that astronauts could be exposed to during space travel instead could potentially damage your brain. On the bright side, though, space travel will also make you a little bit taller, so it's got that going for it. It's not much taller, mind you, and the height boost is only temporary, but it you've got a couple of brain cells to spare... hey, it's a trade-off we'd make, because going into space would be amazing.

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