1. Weird

    Unpretentiousil Offers a Fake But Hilarious Cure for the Hipster Condition [Video]

    People like to hate on hipsters -- self-identified or otherwise -- for a variety of reasons, but the actual definition of the word is still debated heavily across the Internet. For the most part, people seem to agree that hipsters are the folks that folks that conform to a series of traditional nonconformist philosophies, thus becoming conformists. How do you stop hipsters from being hipsters? Well, that's where Unpretentiousil comes in. The video explains it all.

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  2. Weird

    We Admit It, This Hipster Trap is Funny

    An art installation found in New York City, this hipster trap contains the stereotypical staples of hipster life: American Spirit cigarettes, a can of PBR, silly plastic glasses, and a brightly-colored bike chain. We tried not to find it funny. We really did.

    (via BuzzFeed)

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  3. Science

    Hipster Science

    I try not to cite too much. I don't want my favorite works to become too mainstream. #hipsterscienceless than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac

    Today in funny things on Twitter: The #hipsterscience hashtag. (You probably haven't heard of it.) Taking research scientist humor and adding a dash of alternative pretense is always fun, and we've selected a few of our favorite examples below:

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  4. Entertainment

    Hipster Gandalf

    Fun fact: The Lord of the Rings trilogy is about 3,000 times longer than the average Dwarves song. Also: Facepalm. (via Reddit)

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  5. Entertainment

    Hipster Hulk Smash — Ironically!

    Steeped in irony, American Spirits, and crime fighting, the hipster superheroes are here to save the day (or, you know, whatever). (Via The Daily What)

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