1. Weird

    Because People Are Terrible, Here is a Nazi-Themed Cafe in Indonesia

    Because people will do anything for money, one Henry Mulyana has opened a Nazi-themed cafe in the Indonesian city of Bandung. An entire wall is decorated with swastikas and Hitler memorabilia, and the staff are asked to wear SS uniforms (Yep, those pictures at the top are the inspiration and the modern cafe, waitstaff out front in the latter). Which means someone thought it was a good idea to open this place, other people actually took jobs in which they dress like Nazis on a daily basis, and enough people frequent such an establishment as to keep it open for two years and counting. And here I was getting all optimistic and idealistic about the human race.

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  2. Weird

    We’re Very Sorry If You Look Like Hitler, But That Might Be Able to Land You an Acting Job

    Calling all boys from Brazil: Get ready to see your name up in lights, because a new mini-series about World War II has issued a casting call for the part your were born to play. That's right -- the makers of a six-hour docudrama are casting (non-union, they are sure to mention) actors for the parts of Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Adolf Hitler. Because you just can't stage WWII without a serviceable Hitler. Everyone knows that.

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  3. Weird

    Ignore Hitler Tumblr Puts Elaborate Drawings of Hitler in Every Draw Something Round

    Draw Something player Michael took the game to a whole other level by creating the Ignore Hitler Tumblr, a site that features very elaborate pictures of Adolf Hitler in Draw Something, even if the word for that round has nothing to do with Hitler. When asked why he includes Hitler in his Draw Something drawings, he simply replied, "He was the king of dicks. I'm not trying to make any political point by doing it, but I think anything that reduces a genocidal prick to an acceptable figure of mockery is a good thing." We think it's a good thing too, as the Tumblr is pretty amusing. Check out a handful of choice Draw Something drawings that feature Hitler for no reason after the break.

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  4. Entertainment

    Hitler Goes Super Saiyan

    Some pretty crazy stuff happens in manga, and you may already have your own stories and examples, but let me show you what I think might be the definitive limit: Super Saiyan Hitler, basically. I know, I know, it sounds completely ridiculous, but apparently it makes sense in context, which ultimately just makes things weirder.

    This page is featured in the The Legend of Koizumi, where this kind of thing isn't entirely uncommon. The premise of the whole thing is that former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi fights various world-leaders from the present day and the past in order to save the world. How does he fight them? Mahjong. Naturally. So yeah, not only does this crazy blonde Hitler exist in the series (I don't think he's literally going Super Saiyan), but he's about to sit down to a game of high-stakes Mahjong. Why? Who knows, not that you could possibly wrap your head around an answer anyways.

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  5. Weird

    Once Upon A Time Gandhi Wrote A Letter To Hitler

    What do an iconic peace-loving protester and easily the most hated man in all of human history have to do with each other? The answer is simple: a plea that was never heard. Mahatma Gandhi wrote to Adolf Hitler on July 23, 1939 to ask him to keep World War II from happening. At the time, Hitler was already progressing through Europe, having invaded Czechoslovakia earlier that spring. The letter never reached Hitler, (for unknown reasons) and it is hard to image that it would have had much impact if it did. Gandhi wrote two letters to Hitler, which are on display at Mani Bhavan, where Gandhi lived in Mumbai from 1917-1934. These letters are a known, but still shocking, part of the history of WWII. Certainly, they make you wonder what could have been, and even spark speculation about what the world leaders of our time really think about the current state of the world. (via World of Wonder, History Today)

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  6. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 8/2

    Halo as a fully playable Atari game (Halo 2600)

    Fark and Reddit are having a Comic-Con party (Fark)

    The most extensive collection of Hitler emoticons (Sean Bonner)

    Nice profile of former NYT's former web design director (Observer)

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun presents the 'facts' on the harm of gaming (RPS)

    Western civilization runs on mainframes (Foss Patents)

    Pies within cakes is too unstable (TDW)

    (title image via Reddit)

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  7. Entertainment

    Megan Fox vs. Michael Bay: A Timeline

    Yesterday's revelation that Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3 stunned and divided a nation. While Fox is not generally regarded to be a particularly gifted actress, she is a pretty gal, and was seen by many as the main reason anyone would want to sit through a Transformers movie (typical messageboard comment: "Yeah… They just cut their boxoffice in half..") Time will tell what actually happens with Transformer 3.

    Fox's PR team issued a statement yesterday that said that "It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best," which Deadline's Nikki Finke dismissed as "absolutely untrue." More likely, she was axed for, among other reasons, comparing Transformers director Michael Bay to Hitler.

    How did things break down between Bay and Fox? We investigate:

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  8. Entertainment

    The Infamous Hitler Bunker Scene, as Reenacted by One Man

    Actor and funny person Brandon Hardesty has a healthy following on YouTube for his spirited one-man reenactments of scenes from movies, including Goodfellas, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Dogma. He's really hit it out of the park with his latest: A pitch-perfect reenactment of the endlessly remixed Hitler bunker scene in Downfall, complete with Hitler, cowering generals, and weeping lookers-on.

    Check it out after the jump:

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  9. Weird

    You Knew It Had to Happen: Hitler Rants about Hitler Parody YouTube Takedowns

    Earlier this week, Constantin Films' mass takedown of Hitler parody videos from YouTube earned the ire of plenty of open Internet types, who convincingly argued that the parodies, which drew from Constantin's 2004 film Downfall, constituted Fair Use. Now, the takedown has apparently earned the wrath of the Fuhrer himself:

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  10. Weird

    Hitler “Downfall” Parodies Falling off YouTube over Copyright Claims

    Der Untergang, or Downfall, is a dense, powerful, three-hour German film centered around Adolf Hitler's final days in power in Nazi Germany, but here on the Internet, it's best known as grist for endless memes. There's one famous scene in the 2004 movie where Hitler slams his hand against his desk, shouts "nein, nein, nein!" and generally flips out which has been repurposed to rants about getting banned from XBox Live, having problems with Windows Vista, the iPad ... you name it.

    But now, Constantin Film, the German film production and distribution company behind the film, is launching an aggressive, successful DMCA campaign to get the Hitler Downfall parodies taken off YouTube -- though ironically, many people wouldn't have heard of the original if it wasn't for the waves of parodies.

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  11. Entertainment

    Meta-Meta-Hitler: Now He’s Upset About All Those Hitler Videos

    Oh, Internet, I love you. First you turn a dramatic scene from a turn of history depicting Adolf Hitler learning, essentially, that he's just lost his war into a series of hilarious parodies depicting his displeasure with the X-Box, the iPad, Leno's return to late night, and his plans for Burning Man, amongst others — then you turn that on its head by depicting Hitler's displeasure with all the parody videos about him on the Internet. Meta to the meta, with a generous side of awesome.

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