1. Entertainment

    Another Holiday Season Brings Another Awesome Batch of Star Wars Christmas Cards and Ornaments

    It's officially December, so now we can all freak out about the holidays as much as we want to without people getting mad at us! Hooray! If you're the type to celebrate the season by sending your friends and families festive cards, then you should check out the new line of Christmas cards by P.J. McQuade, who we've featured on the site before.

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  2. Weird


    GET READY FOR A LOT OF INTERNET YELLING! It's International Caps Lock Day, a holiday celebrated on October 22nd since time immemorial -- unless you remember the year 2000, because that's when it started. Obviously, everyone you know will hate you if you type in caps all day today, but we won't fault you for GETTING IN THE SPIRIT A BIT.

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  3. Entertainment

    It’s May 4th, Brace Yourself for an Obnoxious Amount of “May the Fourth Be With You”

    I'm as big a fan of Star Wars as the next geek, though not as much as Glen, so the idea of celebrating the franchise on a specific day sounds great. I'm not opposed to having special days for stuff like that, and I'd probably also get behind a Biker Mice From Mars Day, but that's just me. That said, perhaps we've all gone a little overboard with this whole "May the fourth be with you" thing. Yeah, it's that time of year again.

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  4. Weird

    It’s Officially “International Talk Like Batman Day” in Kelowna, British Columbia

    A petition on the Internet is usually about as useful to a cause as doing absolutely nothing, but sometimes they can affect real change. That was the case in Kelowna, British Columbia when a local radio station petitioned the Mayor's office to declare today, April 4th, "International Talk Like Batman Day." For some reason the Mayor agreed, and we now live in a world where "International Talk Like Batman Day" is a real thing. It's not the holiday we deserve, but it's the one we need right now.

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  5. Weird

    Grumpy Cat’s Out to Ruin Christmas? Not on the LOLCats’s Watch! [Video]

    Is the very thought of having to sit through yet another Christmas special about some mutated reindeer with a case of low self-esteem making you sick to your stomach? Tired of being preached the true meaning of Christmas like we're soulless, materialistic goons? Okay, maybe they're right in that regard, but the point is monotony needs a good kick to the curb this holiday season and no Christmas special kicks harder than How the LOLCats Saved Christmas. True, it is yet another paint-by-numbers bastardization of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, but this iteration has 100% more cats per serving compared to other leading versions of the story. Plus, the cats don't stop to sing every five minutes, so that has to count for something.

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  6. Weird

    Leave Out a Plate of Brains and Milk for Zombie Santa Claus

    Were you naughty or nice this year? You know something? It doesn't really matter since Zombie Santa Claus fully intends to sate his ravenous hunger with your sweet, sweet flesh either way. Sculpted by Justin Cissell and distributed by Of Corpse You Can, this Zombie Santa Claus ornament can be yours, bringing that horrific Yuletide touch to your Christmas tree -- sure to make for a lovely conversation piece and a source of unending nightmares for small children already struggling with a socially crippling fear of the fat man in red. For your sake, it's best just to admire him from a distance and keep your fingers away.

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  7. Tech

    Try This Digital Yule Log For The 21st Century

    No doubt plenty of us have spent many a holiday evening warming ourselves by the reassuring glow of a Yule log, perpetually burning away on some local cable access channel. As far as we're concerned, it's the perfect answer to a holiday fire -- all the holiday cheer, none of the mess and hassle of trying to set a log on fire inside your house -- which if we're being honest, always seemed rather dangerous and counter-intuitive to us. That's not to say the tradition of watching the Yule log pop and crackle on the TV set isn't due for an update. After all, who the heck has a TV set these days? This year, give this all digital Yule log -- designed by animator Nigel Upchurch -- a shot at warming your heart, if not necessarily your hearth.

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  8. Weird

    Lottery Tickets for Christmas Could Turn Kids Into Degenerate Gamblers for Life

    The lottery -- or as you may know it, "taxes for people who don't think they pay enough taxes yet" -- is a fun game, and an only slightly less effective means of losing money than, say, setting it ablaze in a large pile or just flushing it directly down the toilet. It's also easier on your ventilation and sewage systems than those options, which concludes our thorough summary of all of the virtues of playing the lottery. Oh, wait, there's one more -- lottery tickets make fun holiday gifts for children that you have forgotten to buy holiday gifts for, and only might doom them to a lifetime of shattered dreams, broken promises, and horses who just couldn't quite keep it going down the stretch. According to a report issued today by the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University, getting lottery tickets as holiday gifts can be a gateway into problem gambling for children. Even if it doesn't, though, best case scenario, it's teaching that kid to do a staggeringly stupid thing, as in play the lottery, so maybe don't do that, just on principle.

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  9. Weird

    Snoop Dogg Plays Moses, Takes on Santa Claus in Latest Epic Rap Battle

    As geeks, we often find ourselves asking "Who would win a fight between..." but it turns out we've been asking the wrong question all along. What we should have been asking was "Who would win in an epic rap battle between..." Thankfully there's the Epic Rap Battles of History channel on YouTube, and in its latest installment they settle the biggest holiday rivalry of all: Santa Claus vs. Moses, with Snoop Dogg himself rapping as Moses.

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  10. Weird

    Dessert Pringles Exist for When Regular Desserts Just Aren’t Fast Enough

    Regular desserts, while delicious, are frustrating. The whole point of desserts is to provide instant gratification. We get the sweet satisfaction now, even though we totally know we shouldn't eat the entire cake presented in front of us. Thankfully, Pringles understands our pain. Also, they totally know people love to eat terrible things near holidays. With that in mind, they'll be releasing a number of holiday-themed Pringles flavors.

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  11. Weird

    Avast, Mateys! Today Be the 10th Anniversary of International Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Batten down the hatches, me buckaroos, as it looks to be a mighty fine International Talk Like A Pirate Day. In fact, it just so happens to be the 10th anniversary of the holiday, so feel free to celebrate with ye mateys over a barrel or two of grog. The event appears to be here to stay, and ye won't hear none of us blubberin' over the fact. If we had it "arrr" way, there'd be more o' them throughout the year. Hit the jump to learn more about ye olde pirate lingo.

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  12. Entertainment

    The Venture Bros. Gives Us a Holiday Present, With This Year’s Holiday Song

    When we're all awaiting this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, some of our favorite media dorks, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer have provided us with a little holiday spirit, in the form of this year's The Venture Bros. holiday song. It features our absolute favorite cartoon couple, The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend, having a domestic dispute. It's a bit NSFW, so you probably can't pass this off as a great song for the office holiday party. Either way, you can listen to and download it here.

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  13. Entertainment

    Time to Air Your Grievances, Festivus is Upon Us [Infographic]

    For those that are sick of holiday cheer, or feel they can't happily celebrate anything while suffering people are still in the world (or something), never fear, for Festivus is almost here. Created by writer Dan O'Keefe as a holiday people can celebrate without participating in the "pressures" of commercialization, his son Daniel, a screenwriter for Seinfeld, introduced the holiday to the world through George Costanza's father's holiday beliefs. The secular holiday is celebrated on December 23, and consists of time-honored traditions, such as the Airing of Grievances and the Feats of Strength, because who doesn't want to argue with and physically fight their loved ones to celebrate the holiday season? Detailed information presented in a visual medium after the break. If only that kind of thing had a singular word to describe it.

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  14. Entertainment

    Protect Your Home from a Zombie Apocalypse [Video]

    I hate it when zombies try to attack while I'm making pie. Team Unicorn gives us a simple how-to lesson on dealing with the undead during the holidays. Includes: Zombie vs. Drunk. (via BoingBoing)

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  15. Entertainment

    Valentine’s Day Alternatives

    Not really feeling Valentine's day this year? Well, you're in luck. Today also coincides with the Chinese New Year and the American Presidents' Day, ensuring that no one the US will be able to eat out or get anything done until Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, unless, of course, you made your plans beforehand. I think we can agree that "making plans beforehand" and "feeling apathetic towards a holiday" don't relate well.

    Lets take a look at these other options.

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