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    Get the First Two Arkham Games Together for $5 With Humble Bundle, Plus a Few Others

    If you missed the first two games in the Batman: Arkham series, you can get them for only five dollars on Humble Bundle along with a few other games. Of course, you can be generous and donate more, but you need to donate more than $4.49 to get a the whole bundle including Batman: Arkham City and Scribblenauts Unlimited.

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    EA’s Humble Origin Bundle Brings All Kinds of Awesome Games

    EA, oft-called the worst company in the world, has just done something really cool: They've teamed up with Humble Bundle to release some of their best games this generation for however much you want. Finally, a reason to actually use Origin!

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    THQ Learns Humility, Offers Amazing Humble Bundle

    Yet another Humble Bundle has arrived, but unlike the video game bundles of the past that were primarily of the indie variety, major third-party publisher THQ is stepping up to the charitable plate in an unprecedented move and offering a Humble Bundle of their very own. We're not talking about their run-of-the-mill, rubbish assortment of shovelware based on Nickelodeon cartoons and Disney movies either. With great games like Company of Heroes -- yes, with its expansions -- ready to play on Steam, there couldn't be a better way to give to a charitable cause.

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    Mojang to Host Mojam This Weekend, Create Crowdsourced Game In 60 Hours for Charity

    Mojang, the rising game-company superstar behind Minecraft, is teaming up with Humble Bundle this weekend for a nifty little event called Mojam. Starting February 17th at 10 CET, Mojang is going to blitz-code an entire new game in 60 hours, live-streaming the whole shebang for your amusement. Following its completion, the game will go on sale at, with all the profits going to charity. If all that wasn't enough, you can also vote to pick the game's genre.

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