Hurricane Sandy

  1. Gaming

    World of Warcraft Players Break Fundraising Record for Hurricane Sandy Relief

    World of Warcraft is a community as much as it is a game, and sometimes that community has been called on to help out the real world. Blizzard, the company behind WoW, has hosted fundraising efforts in the past for charities like St. Jude Children's Hospital, the Make a Wish Foundation, and even the relief effort after the devastating 2011 tsunami in Japan. Their latest call to action for players has broken all of their previous fundraising records. Blizzard announced last week that World of Warcraft players have raised $2.3 million dollars for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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  2. Weird

    Thanksgiving More Popular Than Hurricane Sandy, According To All Important Instagram Metric

    People love taking them some pictures of food, and there's no more food friendly event than Thanksgiving. It's perhaps no surprise, then, that yesterday's turkey feasts marked the highest of high points for the Instagram, which saw 226 pictures of turkey dinners uploaded to its service every second near it's high point at midday.

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  3. Weird

    Hurricane Sandy Leaves New Jersey Liquor Lovers High and Dry

    One of the potentially unforeseen consequences of Hurricane Sandy's aftermath might see New Jersey boozers left without their favorite beverage. Fedway Associates Inc., the exclusive distributor in the state for fine liquors like Cristal and Svedka vodka, had their warehouse in south Kearny, New Jersey left in shambles thanks to 10-foot tidal surges from the horrendous weather. They don't expect to be back in full operation until December, so folks might be out of luck when it comes to their particular brands.

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  4. Tech

    New Jersey Allows Voting by Email and Fax, Smoke Signal Still Not Available

    Hurricane Sandy's left a mess in its path across the East Coast. Much of the public transit system in New York and New Jersey, for example, is still cobbling itself back together. Even so, the show must go on, and the election will still be happening as planned this coming Tuesday. Given the difficulties that voters might find in reaching their polling location, New Jersey has announced that folks will be able to vote by email or fax this year. Cue the cries of electronic tampering.

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  5. Weird

    Hurricane Sandy Causes Massive Explosion at Con Edison Plant in NYC [VIDEO]

    As Hurricane Sandy hit the northeastern United States last night, large swathes of New York and New Jersey lost power. This video, which captured an explosion at a Con Edison plant, would most likely explain why. If you wait through the middle, another explosion happens at the end. It was probably terrifying for the people that didn't have power since they couldn't quickly hop on the Internet and look up what just happened. Thankfully, the storm is gone, and now we all just have to wait for the clean-up.

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  6. Science

    Don’t You Believe It: Fake Photos From Hurricane Sandy

    There's no shortage of impressive photos of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy, as we showed you earlier. Of course, a steady supply of real photos isn't going to stop some people from passing along faked ones, whether to get their jollies or just because they don't know any better. Here are some of the most famous fakes of Hurricane Sandy so far -- some of which may even seem familiar.

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  7. Science

    Vivid Imagery Left in Hurricane Sandy’s Wake

    Hurricane Sandy ripped through a portion of the United States yesterday, leaving a trail flooding and destruction behind. Though the hurricane was only a category one -- something everyone in the southeast portion of the States scoffs at while hanging out on their porches during the height of a storm -- various areas the hurricane hit, such as New York and New Jersey, aren't built to withstand such weather. If you were paying attention to social media, some Hurricane Sandy images probably slipped into your feed, regardless of where you're from. We've collected some striking pictures the storm left in its wake, which you can check out below.

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  8. Weird

    Pirates of the Caribbean Ship Abandoned Due to Hurricane Sandy, Becomes Actual Ghost Ship

    Of all the times to be casually sailing off the East Coast, now is probably one of the worst. Hurricane Sandy's still in effect, and the open water isn't a good place to be. The HMS Bounty and its crew have now discovered this for themselves. At 4:30 A.M. this morning, the captain gave the order to abandon ship and enter the lifeboats. The Bounty is a well-known replica of the original HMS Bounty, and has appeared in a number of films. Specifically, it's appeared in both Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, it's now an actual ghost ship.

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  9. Science

    How to Watch Hurricane Sandy Today (If It’s Not Already Flooding Your House)

    For plenty of us, watching Hurricane Sandy's progression is no big deal -- just look out the window. Even in New York, where the Frankenstorm hasn't hit with its full force yet, it looks really hurricane-ish outside right now. We know that folks in the rest of the country may want to watch the storm's progression in real time, too, though, whether to keep an eye on loved ones (hi, Geekosystem Moms, we're fine!) or just rubberneck what's shaping up to be one pretty serious piece of weather. No judgment here -- it's hard to hear that something might turn into an ice-hurricane and not want to see that. Here are some of the best tools available for monitoring the fall of civilization as we know it on the East Coast.

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  10. Weird

    Only Person Already in Line for Wii U Forced to Evacuate Thanks to Hurricane Sandy

    If you're the only person in a line, it's not really much of a line. It's more like loitering, but I digress. Regardless, Isaiah-Triforce Johnson was absolutely set to be the first person to purchase a Wii U at Nintendo World in Manhattan. It's worth noting that Isaiah-Triforce Johnson is actually his name, and he started waiting in line back on October 22nd. Given that the console isn't set to launch until November 18th, that's a different level of dedication entirely. Unfortunately, Johnson's had to cease his vigil thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

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  11. Science

    What is a Frankenstorm? We Break Down the Monster Hurricane Sandy May Become

    The storm -- or series of storms led by Hurricane Sandy -- that looks more and more likely to make landfall on the Eastern Seaboard this weekend already seems to have everyone on this side of the country shaking in their rubber masks. What exactly is a "Frankenstorm," though? Just a handy name for a bad storm in keeping with the Halloween season? Or can we actually expect the weather to raise the dead from their graves, only to be tragically misunderstood as a result of this hurricane? Keep reading and we'll break down everything you need to know about the scariest part of the weekend for plenty of people.

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