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  1. Entertainment

    Podcast Hosts Kickstarted 1,000 Ice Cream Cones to Give to Strangers in Denver [Video]

    Most of the Kickstarter campaigns we cover on the site are centered around gadgets, games, or movies, but those aren't the only things you can do with Kickstarter. Case in point, podcast hosts Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris from Jordan, Jesse, Go! Kickstarted 1,000 ice cream cones to give to strangers. Yup. That's a thing you can do.

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  2. Weird

    Yeah, Like You’d Be Able to Resist Doing This If You Worked at Wendy’s

    Literally every person who has ever worked at a place with a soft serve dispenser or milkshake machine -- and that's a lot of us -- has considered doing this at one point or another. Anyone who tells you different is a lying liar.

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  3. Weird

    Vicious Ice Cream Truck Turf War Breaks Out in Upstate New York

    Don't let the children's songs and sweet treats fool you -- it turns out that ice cream truck drivers can be just as cutthroat as the rest of us. Police in Gloversville, New York, have filed charges against two ice cream truck drivers there for harassing and stalking a third ice cream man working for a competitor.

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  4. Weird

    Carl’s Jr. is Testing a Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich, So We Test Their Test by Making One

    We used to live in a world where Pop-Tart ice cream sandwiches were not a thing, but thankfully Carl's Jr. has taken it upon themselves to offer them as a menu option. It looks like right now the dessert is just being tested at a Newport Beach, California location, but since ice cream and Pop-Tarts are pretty easy to come by I made my own along with a video of my reaction.

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  5. Gaming

    I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For… A Hitman Absolution Easter Egg! [Video]

    The Hitman series is known first and foremost for giving players the freedom to kill their targets in a variety of ways, ranging from the conventional to the needlessly complex. In Hitman Absolution, those methods can be down-right weird sometimes. If someone can explain why this easter egg involving vultures and an ice cream truck makes any sense, I'd be surprised. Luckily, things don't need to make sense to be funny. Before you watch, you should know that this video contains some mild spoilers for a mission late in the game. If you're playing Hitman Absolution and haven't started a mission called "End of the Road," you might want to avoid watching this. The easter egg is hidden at the very beginning of the mission, so you should be fine as long as you've gotten that far.

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  6. Weird

    Burger King Unveils New Bacon Ice Cream Sundae

    Among the pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries found on Burger King's new limited edition summer menu, sits a simple, yet odd item one may have assumed would've never been put on offer at a national food chain: The bacon ice cream sundae.

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  7. Weird

    Carl’s Jr. Ice Cream Brrrger Looks Kind of Gross, is Normal Ice Cream

    Upon closer inspection, the above cheeseburger isn't weird frosting dripping out of odd-looking ground beef, but is actually made entirely of dessert. Carl's Jr., a fast food chain you may not be familiar with if you live in the eastern half of the United States, is reportedly working on new dessert experiment the Carl's Jr. Ice Cream Brrrger; like one of those ice cream cookie sandwiches, but simulating a hamburger, and looking nearly identical to ground beef at a glance.

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  8. Weird

    Bacon and Egg Ice Cream

    Breakfast burritos are fairly common nowadays, so maybe it isn't such a surprise that Instructables user makendo has created a recipe that provides the world with easy, do-it-yourself bacon and egg ice cream. Details after the break.

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  9. Weird

    Worldwide Vanilla Shortage Could Hit Consumers at the Ice Cream Stand

    While most consumers take the humble vanilla bean for granted, producers of the spice know that things aren't looking so good. Crop failures have food manufacturers in a buying frenzy, and the rising prices could hit that most precious of summer commodities -- ice cream. Analysts are already expecting a 10% price increase for the frozen treat, but it might not be all bad news.

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  10. Science

    Avalanche Research Might Help Make Ice Cream Taste Better

    Thanks to all manner of pseudoscientists, we have things like inhalable desserts, Doritos tacos, and ludicrously caffinated Starbucks concoctions, but where's the love for ice cream? As it turns out, real scientists have that covered. Sort of. The Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research in Switzerland has been researching things like the size of ice crystals and the air bubbles in snow for avalanche-related purposes. Nestlé, however, realized that a lot of this research also has applications in ice cream preservation, so the two teamed up because who doesn't like ice cream?

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  11. Weird

    You Need a List of Notable Sandwiches? Okay

    Wikipedia, now the default seat of all knowledge and wisdom, is like a beautiful gem. Every time you examine it, you discover new facets, and pleasures, that had hitherto gone unseen. Today's find is the list of notable sandwiches, in case you need that. While certainly far from comprehensive, and containing a few references to sandwiches created by obscure chefs within the past few years, it's another sterling example of the many earnest-but-hopeless tasks on Wikipedia.

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  12. Entertainment

    Schweddy Balls: A Ben & Jerry’s Tribute to That Old Saturday Night Live Sketch

    A somewhat iconic sketch from a less iconic generation of Saturday Night Live has now been paid tribute by Ben & Jerry's, creator and purveyor of somewhat odd ice cream flavors that all end up being some kind of vanilla with some kind of fudge in it. The sketch, featuring Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon as two NPR radio hosts, and Alec Baldwin as the ice cream's titular Pete Schweddy, sees the two radio hosts talking softly, attempting to make the catch phrase "good times" a hilarious beacon of comedy, and interviewing Pete Schweddy, who shows off his Christmas balls, a holiday dessert. As one may expect, the rest of the sketch is a bunch of ball-related puns, which propelled it straight into a limited edition flavor of ice cream over a decade later. Perhaps a little risqué for Ben & Jerry's, or perhaps servicing a large fanbase of people who dig Schweddy Balls.

    The limited edition flavor features a slightly rum flavored vanilla ice cream and contains fudge covered rum and malt balls. The wording is a little odd, but one can assume the malt balls are rum and malt flavored, rather than the ice cream containing fudge covered rum. Head on past the break to relive 1998 and watch somewhat iconic sketch.

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  13. Weird

    Ice Cream Man Clearly Loves His Job [Video]

    In his role as a provider of ice cream, this man is clearly foremost amongst the best. Engaging in what Internet denizens might call some "lighthearted mustachioed trolling," he whisks the ice cream right out of our hands but lands in our hearts. (via Reddit)

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  14. Weird

    Ice Cream Parlor Serving $22 Breast Milk Ice Cream, Paying $24 for Breast Milk Donations

    Pictured above is a $22 martini glass of breast milk ice cream, served by a Lady Gaga-inspired waitress. This is a real thing that is happening over in London at some wacky ice cream parlor, The Icecreamists. The dish is called "Baby Gaga," which I guess vindicates the Lady Gaga waitress--or possibly the other way around; chicken, egg, Lady Gaga, mommy milk. The recipe blends Madagascan vanilla pods, lemon zest, and of course, the mom juice.

    Not only does this exist, but the parlor is paying out $24 per ten ounces of breast milk women are willing to donate, seeing as how the parlor probably can't start a human dairy farm to collect said milk. The donors simply have to go through a blood test in order to turn their lactations into a profitable venture. The first donor, 25-year-old Victoria Hiley, donated 30 fluid ounces, which nabbed her a cool $72, and allowed the parlor to make about 50 servings of the ice cream. So far, another 13 women have volunteered to donate (but considering the $24 payout, sell) their milk. So, as of now, at least, we don't have to live in a world where breast milk ice cream doesn't exist.

    Thank god.

    (The Icecreamists via Daily Mail via Gizmodo)

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  15. Tech

    This Robot Will Serve You Ice Cream

    ...Should I give him a tip?

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